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Illahe Vineyards – Hand Crafted, Sustainable, Family Owned (really good) Wines

~ Hand Crafted . Sustainable . Family Owned Since 1983 ~

Today, we were graced by a special visit from Illahe Vineyards winemaker Brad Ford.

Not everyday do we have such a great human popping by who crafts some of the most ambrosial wine we get from Oregon.


Quick Illahe notes from our meeting with the winemaker:

  • The best under $20 Pinot Gris in our entire store!
  • Lovely Viognier that is a must try if you are a fan of that varietal
  • Pinot Noir that howls Willamette Valley
  • Anxiously awaiting their Ros√© – it is going to be a top 10 staff favorite this year
  • Capitol Fizz coming soon – bright, scrumptious, pink bubbly refreshment ūüôā
  • 1899 Pinot Noir release later this year – new world wine made with old world techniques and no electricity


We are so proud to carry Illahe wine and support a family owned winery in the sibling state of Oregon.

We could ramble on about their responsible practices, family, terroir, Doc & Bre (the vineyard horses) etc. but aside from all the cool stuff they do – their wines are stunning and if you’ve never tried any of them, you should.

Read more at:


Raptor Ridge | Pinot Gris | Willamette Valley | Oregon

Raptor Ridge | 2015 Pinot Gris | Willamette Valley | Oregon | $16.99

One of the highlights of working in the beverage industry is not just being able to share enjoyable libation with customers, but to also meet the people behind the label.

Raptor Ridge winery has a wonderful trifecta of great wine, marvelous people, and good causes they support.

We are proud to carry their refreshing, well balanced Pinot Gris.¬† Not too rich or light, it’s just right and will appeal to a wide swath of white wine drinkers.¬† Think not as light as Pinot Grigio, not as heavy or oaky as Chardonnay, and not as acidic as most Sauvignon Blanc.¬† At $16.99, this wine pairs perfectly with grilled swordfish, lemon chicken, light pasta dishes, and fish taco’s.

Next time you’re in looking for a white wine you probably haven’t had, give Raptor Ridge a try and delight not just your 5 senses… but your sense of supporting a responsible winery doing good things for the community and environment.


2015 Pinot Gris | Willamette Valley

Editor’s Choice | 92 Points Wine Enthusiast

A pretty light gold hue, this wine shines brightly from the first sniff to the last sip.¬† It’s clean and dense, with notes of bee pollen and lemon oil, flavors of apple and pear, and a touch of vanilla cookie.¬† – Paul Gregutt

From raptorridgewinery.com: 

Raptor Ridge Winery

We founded Raptor Ridge in 1995 to share in the joy of wine-growing, a calling that brings us purpose through a close connection with the land, our community and the industry. Named for our location on a ridge in the Chehalem Mountains AVA, Raptor Ridge is a haven for our native raptors and winery guests. We treat our guests to a revitalizing experience complete with vine side tastings, chef inspired pairings, and yoga retreats in a tranquil setting with a view of four mountaintops. We specialize in hand-grown single vineyard Pinot Noir sourced from a rich tapestry of select Willamette Valley sites plus our own estate, Tuscowallame. We create intriguing wines by blending intuition honed over 20 vintages with the methodical approach of maintaining hundreds of separate lots. The result is an array of vineyard-specific barrels, providing diversity and nuance to the final cellar-crafted cuveŐĀes.

– Scott & Annie Shull

2015 Raptor Ridge Pinot Gris

¬†The 2015 Raptor Ridge Pinot Gris was fermented and matured in stainless steel. We strive to maintain a balance of fruit and acidity, while presenting the luscious texture and aromas that the fruit offers. The 2015 vintage includes fruit from Hawk’s View, Dion and Olenik Vineyards (Chehalem Mountains AVA), Bellevue Cross (McMinnville AVA,) and Rudolfo Vineyard, in Wren, Oregon.


A portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold supports iSalud!, a non-profit healthcare program for vineyard workers and their families.

¡Salud! was created by a group of Oregon winery owners and Tuality Healthcare physicians to address the hurdles faced by vineyard workers who cannot meet their basic healthcare needs. Their knowledge of basic health education is poor, and they are overwhelmed by the maze of complex and confusing resources available in the medical system. ¡Salud!’s mission is to fill this gap.

Read more: saludauction.org

30 Days of Rosé | #06 | Joseph Mellot Rosé | Reuilly РLoire Valley | Pinot Gris Rosé | 2016

Joseph Mellot Rosé | Reuilly РLoire Valley | Pinot Gris Rosé | Beverage Warehouse

30 Days of Rosé | #06 | Joseph Mellot Rosé | Reuilly РLoire Valley | Pinot Gris Rosé | 2016 | $21.99


Ever had a wine from the central French commune of Reuilly?  Explore the eastern Loire Valley deliciously via Pinot Gris Rosé from Joseph Mellot!

From josephmellot.com:


Making good wines begins in the vineyard, working in harmony with the terroir to draw out its best.

The Joseph Mellot vineyards are managed according to principles of:

  • Sustainable pest control: prolonged observation of vine plots and climatic conditions and the implementation of environmentally responsible treatment programmes which take into consideration the real risk of disease development.
  • Yield management:¬†systematic vine-pruning, disbudding, crop thinning if necessary and shoot thinning.
  • Vine plot traceability:¬†all plots are monitored by computer to ensure complete traceability in production.


From the beginning of September or even late August, grape samples are taken regularly to monitor levels of maturity. Grapes are harvested at full maturity and sorted carefully to ensure that the juice is of the best quality. Each plot is harvested and vinified separately, with the grape harvest lasting approximately a fortnight (14 days).

Terroirs and grape varieties

The Loire Valley is the third largest wine-growing region in France. Designated a UNESCO world heritage site from Chalonnes-sur-Loire by the Atlantic coast to Sully-sur-Loire in the Centre, the Loire Valley offers exceptional land for viticulture and is a textbook example of a region with diverse terroirs. Seventy four appellations make up the mosaic of Loire Valley wines from Nantes to Sancerre, most of which are situated along the River Loire.



The vines are 15 to 20 years old and are located on the left bank of the Cher River, south-west of Quincy. They receive a great deal of sun and are planted in prominent hillocks composed of sandy, gravely alluvial deposits that date back to the beginning of the Quaternary Period.


Pinot Gris – This is a historic varietal of the Loire Valley which has become rare today.

The vineyards of Reuilly

At the heart of the Berry region, the vineyards of Reuilly lie between the Arnon and Cher rivers, covering an area of almost 204 hectares. The vines are planted on limestone marl slopes with a medium gradient and on high terraces composed of sand and gravel.

The area of appellation is divided between 7 communes: Reuilly, Diou, Lazenay, Chery, Lury, Cerbois and Preuilly.

Grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris (Reuilly rosé).


The grapes are pressed immediately and fermented at low temperatures.


A very very pale salmon-pink color with silver, clear and sparkling tints.  Floral (white blossom) and fruity (peach) nose.  Full taste with marked peach fragrance.  A refreshing delight.

Domaine Rethore Davy Pinot Gris | Le Chapitre 2015


Domaine Rethore Davy Pinot Gris – Le Chapitre 2015

Pinot Gris is an excellent wine varietal that enjoys a steady increase in popularity as more people are introduced to what this versatile grape can do.¬† Referred to in Italy as Pinot Grigio, and domestically labeled as such by some of the larger international wine companies regardless of origin, Pinot Gris has been winning over palates with it’s versatility and affordability.¬† From bright, young, and refreshing to sweet and viscous dessert wine, an array of wine styles can be made from Pinot Gris.


Our most popular French Pinot Gris right now is the 2015 le Chapitre from Rethore Davy(Loire Valley).  at only $12.99 a bottle, this Pinot Gris is an outstanding value, we encourage you to try it the next time you reach for a Pinot Grigio, but want something different but slightly familiar!

Tasting / Paring Notes:¬† Crisp, bright, and lively but not overly acidic.¬† Light lemon and hint of pink grapefruit flesh flavors.¬† More mid-palate roundess on this French Pinot Gris than probably most Italian Pinot Grigio you’ve had.¬† Clean finish that is just long enough – doesn’t instantly dissipate but doesn’t linger. Pairs well with grilled lemon chicken / swordfish, light pasta dishes, steamed mussels… awesome with ceviche and grilled octopus!

– Jason



Industry Info:

  • Producer:¬† Domaine Rethore
  • Country:¬† France
  • Region:¬† Loire
  • Varietal:¬†¬† Pinot Gris
  • Vintage:¬† 2015
  • $12.99

Domaine Rethore Davy –

This is a family story, that of two brothers Martine and Christopher RETHORE, and their cousin Jean-Michel DAVY , united by a passion for wine, they decided to join forces to put their superb terroir and their “know-how” in the production of wine. Planted in 2004 on only 3.5 acres in the growing region of St-Remy en Mauge.

2014 Le Chapitre Pinot Gris – 100% Pinot Gris ‚Äď this small production is all hand harvested and sustainable with no malolactic fermentation, fine and filtered for clarity. 6 months bottle aging. Crisp, fresh and mouthwatering. Gently spiced flavors of ripe pear, white peach and lychee with a touch of lemon and ginger. Pleasantly intense aromas and nicely balanced with floral overtones and a generous lingering freshness. 3500 cases

Underwood Wine Cans | Union Wine Co. | Pinot Noir | Pinot Gris | Rose

underwood-wine-canCanned wine?  Oh hell yeah!

Perfect for any place that doesn’t allow glass and highly portable, Underwood Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris wine cans have been a huge hit for the past year – we’re stoked to announce the arrival of Ros√© cans!



Underwood Ros√© wine cans are a one time shot to us this year so what we have in stock, is all we’ll get so test drive one and if you like it, stock up!



Union Wine Co. Underwood Wine Cans | All types $5.99 / 375ml


12% ABV | Oregon

Straight from the Ros√© City! Drinkable, unpretentious and travel-ready, this is the perfect¬†wine for action lounging, such as poolside shindigs, outdoor music festivals, backyard BBQ’s with friends or anywhere that calls for serious lounging. It’s set to become your favorite spring and summer staple.

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, watermelon, and peach

13% ABV | Oregon

This Pinot works hard for the working people. Telling a truly Oregon story, the wine draws from vineyards across the state. Each site adds its unique mark to the final Underwood blend, which highlights the rich juicy flavors of Oregon Pinot at an extraordinary price. The perfect wine to enjoy anywhere, any day of the week.

Tasting Notes: Cherry, blackberry and cola

87 Points & Best Buy
Underwood is fast-becoming one of Oregon’s best values in Pinot Noir. Light and pretty raspberry fruit gains mass and flavor interest with well-integrated veins of stem and earth. It’s nicely balanced and true to variety.  РWine Enthusiast

13% ABV | Oregon

As do its Pinot Noir and Rosé counterparts, the Underwood Pinot Gris speaks of a journey across Oregon. Sourcing fruit from vineyards spanning the peaks and valleys of the state, this wine is the perfect everyday refresher, making us nostalgic for our long-awaited Oregon summer backyard BBQs.

Tasting Notes: Lemon, apple and pear