We have dozens of kegs in stock, including macro, craft, and local options. Check the list down below for general order availability.

Prices do not include VT tax/deposit

We handle more kegs than anyone else in VT and our super helpful staff will gladly offer any assistance you need!

Don’t hesitate to call or stop in to speak with our friendly crew if you have any questions whatsoever or would like to find out about special or seasonal kegs.

How it works:

In Vermont, there is 7% tax on beer and a $30 deposit on each keg that needs to be taken into account when determining price. To make it easy, we only accept cash for kegs. That way, you give us cash and we give you cash when the equipment is returned.

Let’s say you ordered a 1/2 BBL (aka full keg) listed as $153.00   Multiply that by 1.07 and you get $163.71 so that, plus $30 would bring the cost of the keg to $193.71. If you need a tap, we charge $55 (you get back $40 in cash) so the total would be $248.71 and when you brought everything back within the 60 days required by Vermont state law, you would receive $70 cash ($30 for the keg, $40 for the tap).

Scroll to the bottom of this page to get more information on kegs, find out servings per barrel of beer, etc.

 *** Keg pricing is as accurate as possible but subject to change due to distributor sale and pricing changes ***

Keg Availability – We have an awesome, well endowed selection of kegs but we don’t have every keg listed in stock 24/7, so if you have an event that you need a keg for, please order a week in advance in case the distributor is out.

Taps – We provide tap rentals as a service for our customers purchasing kegs. We have an available tap in our store for every keg, so if you find out your system is wonky and you need a tap for a keg you got from us, don’t hesitate to let us know.  Your final cost is only $15.

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DOMESTIC1/2 KEG - 15.5G or 50L1/4 KEG(PONY) - 7.75G or 30L1/6 KEG(LOG) - 5.16G or 20L
Bud Light$149$62
Busch Light$132
Coors Light$149$92
Genesee Beer$79
Genesee Light$79
Michelob Ultra$155$74
Miller Lite$149$92
Pabst Blue Ribbon$99


Imported1/2 Keg - 15.5G or 50L1/4 Keg(Pony) - 7.75G or 30L1/6 Keg(Log) - 5.16G or 20L
Labatt Blue$149$51 (1/8 Keg, 15L)
Labatt Blue Light$149$51 (1/8 Keg, 15L)
Stella Artois$180$89


VERMONT1/2 Keg - 15.5G or 50L1/4 Keg(Pony) - 7.75G or 30L1/6 Keg(Log) - 5.16G or 20L
14th Star Breakfast Stout$185$85
14th Star Tribute$205$99
14th Star Valor$185$85
14th Star OthersCALL
1st RepublicCALL
Burlington Beer Co. Vaulted Blue$239$115
Big TreeCALL
Fiddlehead IPA$169$113
Four Quarters Phaze$115
Four Quarters OthersCALL
Frost Lush$115
Good MeasureCALL
Harpoon IPA$166$89
Harpoon OthersCALL
Lawson's Finest Hazy Rays$87
Lawson's Finest Little Sip$87
Lawson's Finest Sip of Sunshine$102
Liambru TastyCALL
Long Trail Ale$179$89
Long Trail VT IPA$95
Long Trail OthersCALL
Queen City Core$185$83
Queen City SeasonalCALL
Red BarnCALL
Rock Art Ridge Runner$149$76
Rock Art OthersCALL
Rutland Beer WorksCALL
Shed Mountain Ale$189$90
Simple RootsCALL
Stone CorralCALL
Switchback Ale$175$89
Switchback Karsten$175$89
Switchback Zaboo$175$89
Switchback OthersCALL
Ten BendsCALL
UFO Raspberry$166$89
UFO White$166$89
Upper Pass Cashmere Hoodie$199$87
Upper Pass Cloud Drop$130
Upper Pass First Drop$249$105
Upper Pass OthersCALL
Von Trapp Core$196$89
Von Trapp SeasonalCALL
Weird WindowCALL
Zero Gravity Conehead$189$95
Zero Gravity Green State$175$85
Zero Gravity Little Wolf$180$90
Zero Gravity Madonna$215$110
Zero Gravity OthersCALL
**The Alchemist**Unavailable
**Hill Farmstead**Unavailable


Other Micro Brews1/2 KEG - 15.5G or 50L1/4 Keg(Pony) - 7.75G or 30L1/6 Keg(Log) - 5.16G or 20L
Allagash White$209$105
Bell's Two Hearted$195$115
Blue Moon$169$93
Dogfish Head 60 Minute$185$99
Dogfish Head OthersCALL
Founders All Day IPA$186$115
Goose Island IPA$88
Kona Big Wave$175$81
Lagunitas IPA$185$117
Left Hand Milk Stout$115
Left Hand OthersCALL
Mast Landing Gunner's Daughter$115
New Belgium Fat Tire$178$90
New Belgium OthersCALL
Night ShiftCALL
Peak Happy Hour$149$77
Sam Adams Boston Lager$179$87
Sam Adams Seasonal$179$87
Shipyard Seasonal$185$92
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing$186$93
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale$186$93
Sierra Nevada OthersCALL
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog$195$87
Smuttynose OthersCALL
Victory Golden Monkey$100
Woodstock Inn Pig's Ear Brown$165$89


Ciders, Seltzers, & Malternatives1/2 KEG - 15.5G or 50L1/4 Keg(Pony) - 7.75G or 30L1/6 Keg(Log) - 5.16G or 20L
Angry Orchard Crisp$180$87
Angry Orchard OthersCALL
Champlain Orchards$199$95
Citizen Dirty Mayor$253$105
Citizen Unified Press$253$105
Citizen OthersCALL
Downeast Blackberry$209$105
Downeast Original$209$105
Downeast OthersCALL
Eden CiderCALL
June Shine Hard Kombucha$125
Shacksbury Core$199$105
Shacksbury OthersCALL
Stowe High & Dry$235$103
Stowe Safety Meeting$235$103
Stowe Cider OthersCALL
Truly Wild Berry Seltzer$179$87
Twisted Tea Original$179$87
Woochuck Amber$179$87
Woodchuck OthersCALL


EquipmentDepositCash Back
Pump Tap$55$40
2-Tap Jockey Box for CO2$260$225
Tank - CO2$120$90
2-Tap Jockey Box for Nitro$280$220
Tank - Nitro$125$90


 1/6 BBL - Log
5 Gallon
1/4 BBL - Pony Keg
1/4 BBL
- Pony Keg Slim
1/2 BBL -
Full Size 13.2 Gallon - 50 LTR
1/2 BBL -
Full Size 15.5 Gallon
Gallons5.167.757.7513.215 ½
12oz Servings538282140165
16oz Servings406262105124
Full Weight60 lbs.90 lbs.90 lbs.130 lbs.160 lbs.




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