Buy Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine | Super Session 2 | FRI 02/24 & SAT 02/25

FACT:  Dinosaurs didn’t have Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine or Super Session 2 and they are extinct.  Be smart and get Lawson’s beer, don’t be like the dinosaurs.

Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine, and Super Session #2 stock status:

Sip of Sunshine IPA Cans – $13.79/4pk

  • Friday 02/24 – 2 packs per person – Sold out 🙂
  • Saturday 02/25 – 10a Release – Sold Out 🙂

Super Session Cans –

  • $21.99/12pk | $10.99/6pk – In stock! 🙂

Bottles:  None this week 🙂

Frost Beer Works | Lush IPA | Bottled 02/14

On a frosty quest for Frost Beer Works Lush IPA?  A fresh batch was just deployed, get your Frost Lush before it melts away…


Bottle Info:

A Double IPA with luxuriant aromatics and succulent flavors.  The combination of hops from both hemispheres and our ale yeast complement each other to create a rich, juicy character.

  • Imperial India Pale Ale
  • Bottled On 02/14/17
  • 80 IBU’s
  • 8%ABV

Lawson’s Triple Play IPA | Sip of Sunshine | Super Session 2 | FRI 02/17 & SAT 02/18

Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine | Triple Play IPA | Super Session 2 – Beverage Warehouse

We’re gonna be cool. Now Ringo, I’m gonna count to three, and when I count three, you let go of the banana, sit your ass down, and we gonna have a beer. But when you do it, you do it cool. Ready? One… two… three.

Lawson’s Triple Play IPA, Sip of Sunshine, and Super Session #2

Stock status:

Sip of Sunshine IPA Cans – $13.79/4pk

  • Friday 02/17 – 2 packs per person – Sold Out! 🙂
  • Saturday 02/18 – 10a Release – 1 per person

Super Session Cans –

  • $21.99/12pk | $10.99/6pk – In stock! 🙂

Triple Play IPA | 7% ABV

  • Friday 02/17 – 1 per person – In Stock! 🙂
  • Saturday 02/18 – 10a Release – 1 per person to at least the first 36 people



Triple Play IPA

 A trifecta of hop varieties deliver a symphony of juicy tropical hop flavors and a wonderful bouquet of aromas. Brewed and dry hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Centennial.

Triple Play IPA was the 2011 Brewing News National IPA Champion!

ABV: 7%,



Meet Wunderkammer Brewer | Greensboro Beer Tasting | CANCELLED

Wunderkammer Beer | Beverage Warehouse


Oh no, the Wunderkammer car broke down, they are stranded, and can’t make it!  Keep an eye out, Wunderkammer will reschedule!


Greensboro Brewer Meet ‘n Greet & Wunderkammer Beer Tasting | SAT 02/18 10a-12p

Meet Vasili, the stupendous Wunderkammer brewer and taste his delicious beers from Greensboro, VT.

Multiple Wunderkammer beers will be available for tasting so come on by, taste some delicious VT beer, and hang out with the brewer.




Weihenstephan & Dupont Tasting | FRI 2/17 4-6:30p

Weihenstephan & Dupont Beer | Beverage Warehoue

FREE European Beer Tasting Friday, February 17th, 4-6:30p

In the tumultuous world of craft beer where breweries popup and established breweries going under is the norm, there is a short list of breweries that have the staying power of decades, much less centuries.

Dupont started 60 years ago in the 1950’s which is impressive but seems young in comparison to the the worlds oldest brewery, Weihenstephan, which can trace it’s roots back to at least 768.

Have your palate find out why Dupont and Weihenstephan outlived 1,000’s of breweries over the years during this wonderful tasting.



Weihenstephan | Kristall Weissbier

The source of its pearling, effervescent taste is the secret fermentation process which we have developed especially for our crystal wheat beer. It quenches your thirst like no other beer. With its elegant appearance, it is the specialty of our brewery. Goes well with fish, seafood and light dishes.

Weihenstephan | Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel

Supple, malty and mellow. Its harmonious flavor is the great strength of our dark wheat beer. Not only as a good combination with hearty dishes.

Weihenstephan | Original Lager

A good beer takes time. The long lager time makes our pale beer a matter of mild, flavorful beer enjoyment. Brewed in accordance with a centuries-old beer tradition on Weihenstephan Hill.

Weihenstephan | Vitus

A light-coloured, spicy single-bock wheat beer, for both beer lovers and the beer connoisseur. Extra long and cold storage in our monastery cellars makes this single-bock a really special beer with full body and a distinctively great mouthfeel. Prost!

Dupont | Avec les Bons Voeux

Strong Saison 9.5% ABV

Avec les Bons Vœux translates in English to, “With best wishes of the Brewery Dupont.”
First brewed in 1970 as a Christmas offering for Dupont’s most loyal customers, it has become one of the shining gems of the Brewery’s collection. Brewed with a selection of Dupont’s signature yeasts and given a longer maturation phase, the resulting beer has a full and malty richness with flavors of banana, clove and lemon peel.

Dupont | Saison Dupont Vieille Provision

Farmhouse Ale, 6.5% ABV

Saison Dupont Vieille Provision is considered the flagship of the Saison style and is the most admired and imitated beer in the world. Full-bodied and malty, Saison Dupont Vieille Provision is beloved for its distinct peppery bite and unique flavor derived from Dupont’s signature strain of yeast.


Lawson’s Hopcelot IPA | Sip of Sunshine | Super Session 2 | FRI 02/10 & SAT 02/11

Sir Hopcelot | Beverage Warehouse

Sir Hopcelot – the most popular knight at the round table who never made it out of the shadow of his famous cousin, Sir Lancelot.

Lawson’s Hopcelot IPA, Sip of Sunshine, and Super Session #2

Stock status:

Sip of Sunshine IPA Cans – $13.79/4pk

  • Friday 02/10 – 2 packs per person – Sold Out
  • Saturday 02/11 – 10a Release – 1 per person

Super Session Cans –

  • $21.99/12pk | $10.99/6pk – In stock! 🙂

Hopecelot IPA | 7% ABV | $8.49

  • Friday 02/10 – 1 per person – Sold out 🙂
  • Saturday 02/11 – 10a Release – 1 per person to at least the first 36 people

From the bottle:
Inspired by a dreamy combination of music, hops, and beer.  Celebrate with us as we revel in the glory of 8 varieties of hops from around the world, brewed to create intricate layers of flavor and to delight your senses!

Limits are per person of consumption age,
prices do not include VT tax/deposit.

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