Pull It Back

My oh my, look who joined the party. For the uninitiated, Veil Brewing Co. is making some of the most over-the-top IPAs, fruited Sours, and really just overall liquid experiences that Virginia(or anywhere else) has to offer. We didn’t want you to miss out on their crazy creations, so our current stock is below. Cheers!

Beer 4-Pack Single
Black & Blue Meltee  $     29.99  $    8.55
Never Never Meant Meant  $     29.99  $    8.55
Caribbean Dream Machine Gummee  $     29.99  $    8.55
Luxurious Luxury Volume  $     34.99  $    9.90
Crucial Taunt  $     21.99  $    6.30
We Ded Mon  $     25.99  $    7.25
Short Game  $     15.99  $    4.55
Broz Broz Night Night  $     25.99  $    7.25
Wake Up³  $     20.99  $    5.85
Extra Extra Shipper Shipper  $     25.99  $    7.25
Nerve Endings³  $     18.99  $    5.40

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.


Why Is the Rum Gone?

Another surprise drop from the Lawson’s crew, it’s the Fayston Maple Stout! We’ve got the original  in 4-packs($14.49) as well as something a little special with their newest barrel-aged version.

Brewed with loads of roasted and black malts with a hefty dose of Vermont Maple Syrup, then aged in Mad River “Maple Cask Rum” charred oak barrels from Warren, VT. Quantities are very limited, we’ll see you soon!

$14.99 | 500mL Bottle

**Limit One(1) Bottle Per Person**

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Don’t Fear the Reaper

A hearty welcome back to Vermont to the first of a pair of Brooklyn-based imaginariums for this funky weekend: Grimm Artisanal Ales!

Everybody get in, this is gonna be a wild couple of beer days.

  • Telekinesis | 4-pack 16oz Cans | $18.99
  • Weisse | 4-pack 16oz Cans | $9.99
  • Festooning | 4-pack 16oz Cans | $16.99
  • Tra La La | 500mL Bottle | $8.99
  • Tangram | 500mL Bottle | $9.99

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Your Name Is Melvin Melvin?

Well, looky here! We just received a surprise drop from our friends at Freak Folk Bier, get a load of Melvin!

A Biére de Mars at 6% ABV, Melvin is an amber farmhouse ale, fermented with mixed culture, brewed in December 2019 and aged half and half in oak and stainless steel.

We will be spreading our release of this beauty between this afternoon(Thursday, 9/2), tomorrow, and Saturday. Bottles are on the shelf now; the remainder will be released at 10AM over each of the next two days!

$19.99 | 750mL Bottle

**Limit Two(2) Bottles Per Person, Per Day**

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.