Lawson’s Finest Liquids Tasting & Release 3-5PM Fri. Feb. 22nd!

Lawson’s Finest Liquids Tasting & Release 3-5PM Friday March 22nd!

Maximum excitement abounds because Lawson’s is coming to town!

Come on over to the Beverage Warehouse, talk and hang out with special guest Chuck about Lawson’s Finest Liquids, and try special beer while it lasts – supply will be limited!

Lawson’s Finest Liquids beer tasting & cans for sale (while they last!!):

  • Above the Clouds | 5.1% Golden Ale
  • Space in Between | 5% Undefined Ale
  • Sip of Sunshine | 8% Double IPA
  • Super Session #2 | 4.8% Session IPA

Trattoria Fibbiano Tuscan Winemaker Tasting & Sale | FRI 02/15 4-6PM

Trattoria Fibbiano Tuscan Winemaker Tasting & Sale | FRI 02/15 4-6PM

We are most delighted to host a specialty Trattoria Fibbiano Italian winemaker tasting Friday, February 15th from 4-6PM!

Come over and learn about the rolling Tuscan hills, Fibbiano’s respect for the land and dedication to preserving it, and what goes into making their amazing traditional and contemporary style wines.

Everyone should always have an extra bottle or two of Italian red or white in their stash, so take advantage of our -10% tasting discount and be ready for any occasion or meal!

Trattoria Fibbiano Wine Tasting:

Fonte delle Donne | IGT Toscana | 50% Colombana – 50% Vermentino | $17.99 reg. / $16.19 on sale!

Le Pianette | IGT Toscana | 70% Sangiovese – 30% Colorino | $14.99 reg. / $13.49 on sale!

Casalini | Chianti Superiore DOCG | 90% Sangiovese – 10% Ciliegiolo | $17.99 reg. / $16.19 on sale!

L’Aspetto | ITG Toscana | 50% Sangiovese – 50% Canaiolo | $31.99 reg. / $28.79 on sale!

Ceppatella | Terre di Pisa Sangiovese DOC | 100% Sangiovese | $47.99 reg. / $43.19 on sale! 100 YEAR OLD VINES

read more about Trattoria Fibiano at

Wines We’re Drinking: Madloba

Skin contact can be a magical thing. Especially when it comes to a particular wine made in the most natural of ancient methods, in a tiny corner of France. That wine is MADLOBA, and it’s what we’re drinking this week.

Domaine des Miquettes | Madloba | $50.99

Let’s get one thing clear. Madloba could be called an orange, an amber, or a skin-contact wine. Yeah ok, I know – that doesn’t seem all that clear! The wine is *literally* a little hazy…and it’s in a category that seems to defy definition.

This beautiful golden liquid from Domaine des Miquettes is made from the white grape varietals Marsanne and Viognier. The deep copper color comes from the grape skins and seeds, which are left in contact with the pressed juice for an extended time (6 months!). The fermented juice is then aged a further 6 months in clay amphorae buried in the cool ground. This ancient winemaking technique produces a liquid gold with the texture, body and tannin of a light red wine plus the fruit and minerality of a white wine. Stylistically unique, with a savory, richly textured mouthfeel, this is a special bottle worth trying – especially if you’re new to skin-contact wines.

The name “Madloba” is Georgian, and it means “thanks”. If your New Year’s resolution is to expand your wine knowledge, or just to try new things, check this one out! You’ll thank yourself.

Madloba - Domaine des Miquettes Orange Wine
Photo by Paul Varricchione @varricc

In the glass, Madloba catches the light and glints like pennies; like the last rays of sunlight angling across a shadowed beach. It smells like an escape to a warm summer afternoon in a Mediterranean grove. You’re surrounded by nectarines, yellow plums, apricots and oranges, plus swirls of ginger, quince and almond blossom. The first sip startles your palate, flooding your tongue with tart orange pith, snapping your head up with snappy acidity that’s like a plunge into a cold pool after a sauna, leaving a lingering texture of fine chalk baked in the sun. As the wine warms slightly, the scent takes me back to early mornings in my mom’s garden, when I would wander through the flowers and stick my nose deep into the glowing orange-throated yellow “Charles Darwin” old English roses.

My husband, who is very particular about the wines he likes, couldn’t stop drinking this stuff. It’s a treat, but oh man…what a treat!

Terracotta amphorae at Domaine des Miquettes, These are tinajas, imported from Spain, but they are buried in the Georgian-style in a sand-filled pit near the domaine (image credit:

Domaine des Miquettes was created by Paul Estève and Chrystelle Vareille in 2003 in Cheminas, a small village located on a high plateau in the northern Rhône. Paul and Chrystelle took over the farm from Paul’s family and turned one of the small farm buildings into a cramped and low-tech wine-making facility.  In total, the domaine consists of five hectares.

At an altitude of around 350 meters, the vineyards are planted on a steep hillside with soils of granite mixed with mica & schist and an east/southeast exposure. Both of the Domaine des Miquettes vineyards are certified as organic farms. The vineyard rows are worked throughout the year with either a tractor or horse drawn plough, which is used on the more difficult terrains.

All harvesting is done by hand and the fermentations occur with natural yeasts and little or no temperature adjustments. All of the wines are made sans soufre – without the addition of sulfur.

During a visit to the republic of Georgia years ago, Paul and Chrystelle were inspired to make wine in the ancient tradition, using clay amphorae buried in the earth. They built a “chai” dedicated to these buried clay jars, and use them for the vinification and maturation of the red and orange wines they call Madloba.

Oh! And the fun label? That comes from a trip to Georgia as well, when Paul got INTO an amphorae and had to be pulled out. He and Chrystelle have truly immersed themselves in making this style of wine, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to try their wine here in frozen Vermont this winter. If you come into the Bevie, ask for Kate or Jason and we’ll direct you to this orange gem!

Cheers & happy imbibing,                                                                                                                                     Kate

Read more about Domaine des Miquettes.

Learn more about skin-contact wines

Boyden Valley Winery | Free Tasting & Bottle Sale | MON 12/24 12:00-2:00 PM

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Boyden Valley Wines | Beverage Warehouse VT

Boyden Valley Winery | Free Tasting & Bottle Sale | MON 12/24 12:00-2:00 PM

Our cozy friends at Boyden Valley Winery are coming over to do a tasting and we’re offering a special -10% tasting discount on their VT wine!

This is the perfect time to stock up for the holidays!

From classic table wines to fruit forward and dessert types, the Boyden family has a wine for any meal, celebration, or gift so stop in, sip, stock up, and save!

We look forward to seeing you here!

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Boyden Valley Wines | Beverage Warehouse VT

Santa’s Bag | Holiday Beer Drop | 2018 |Lawson’s & Otter Creek Double or Nothing | Drie Fonteinen | Tilquin Gueuze | Vintage BCBS | Olde School & World Wine Stout | RCMP Label CBS

Santa’s Bag | Holiday Beer Drop | 2018 |Lawson’s & Otter Creek Double or Nothing | Drie Fonteinen | Tilquin Gueuze | Vintage BCBS | Olde School & World Wine Stout | RCMP Label CBS

The Great Annual Santa’s Bag Holiday Beer Drop at the Beverage Warehouse is Friday 12/21 at 10AM!

***These special beers are very limited, first come, first served!***

  • Lawson’s & Otter Creek | Double or Nothing | Maple Barleywine
  • Drie Fonteinen | Oude Gueze & Oude Kriek (Cherry) Geuze
  • Tilquin | Oude Gueuze a l’ancienne
  • Goose Island | Bourbon County Brand Stout | 2017 & 2018 Vintage BCBS
  • Dogfish Head | Olde School Barleywine & World Wine Stout
  • Founders | Canadian Breakfast Stout | CBS 2017 Vintage – has the discontinued RCMP Label

NO Lawson’s Finest Liquids cans of Triple Sunshine are going out Friday 12/21

Lawson’s Finest Liquids cans of Triple Sunshine & anything we are blessed with will go out for sale Saturday 12/22 at 10AM!

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