Vermont Oktoberfest Beer Guide


The 2016 Oktoberfest beers are out!  Here is our guide to current Vermont Oktoberfest beers – PROST!

Queen City Brewery Oktoberfest


Queen City Oktoberfest: Full-bodied, yet refreshing, Queen City Oktoberfest is a traditional German Märzen-style lager, with a complex, toasty malt profile. (5.5% abv, 30 IBU)


Switchback Märzen Fest Bier


  • Märzen Fest Bier
  • First Sold: October 2014
  • Availability: September – October 2016
  • 5.2% ABV
  • 30 IBU
  • Unfiltered and 100% Naturally Carbonated

Märzen (“Maer-tsen”), our fi¬rst lager, is made in the traditional fest beer style. Often called Oktoberfest Lagers, these rich fest beers are great for any festive occasion. Switchback’s Märzen is wonderfully malty with a balanced and crisp hop character. Our Märzen is aged six full weeks using a traditional lagering process. Following in that tradition, the beer is naturally conditioned, using the yeast to create carbonation in the aging tank. Going through a slow, multi-step fermentation process allows this beer to highlight the best characteristics of a lager. It is all about the malt and the hops, with the yeast staying in the background flavor-wise, keeping the beer exceptionally clean, crisp, and refreshing. Like all Switchback beers, Märzen is not filtered. The clarity is from the long aging process, whereby the cloudiness has slowly settled out of the beer.

All Switchback beers are brewed in Burlington, Vermont and are carbonated during fermentation by the yeast itself resulting in a 100% naturally conditioned beer. After aging, we simply move the beer to the keg or bottle, leaving it unfiltered for the freshest, fullest, most natural flavor possible.

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery Oktoberfest


Marzen Lager –
German malts and hops along with a long lagering give this beer impeccable drinkability. The superb malt flavor is balanced by just a hint of hop bitterness. PROST!

  • Style: Märzen Lager
  • Malt: German Vienna, Munich I, Munich II
  • Hops: Tettnang
  • Yeast: German Lager
  • Appearance: Deep Amber
  • ibu: 26
  • abv: 5.4%
  • og: 14.6°P

von Trapp Brewing Oktoberfest 


Oktoberfest Lager 5.6% ABV 35 IBU
A true full-bodied Oktoberfest lager. Dark in color with a fine caramel finish.

Harpoon Brewery Oktoberfest


Harpoon Octoberfest is a malty tribute to fall, balanced by a gentle hop bitterness.  In keeping with tradition, it is a Marzen-style beer, brewed with abundant quantities of Munich, Chocolate, and Pale malts. Those malts provide a solid, full body and create the beer’s deep color.  It is a rich, flavorful beer.

  • Appearance: garnet-red color with a firm, creamy head.
  • Aroma: hop aroma, (not overpowering but present)
  • Mouth feel: full-bodied, smooth, and malty
  • Taste: gentle bitterness to balance any residual sweetness
  • Finish: soft and malty with a mild bitterness
  • First Brewed 1989
  • Style Marzen/Octoberfest
  • alc/vol 5.3%
  • ibu 32
  • Color 49 EBC

Buy Lawson’s | Sip of Sunshine | Super Session #2 | FRI 09/23 & SAT 09/24


Brighten your gloomy day with sunshine in a can from Lawson’s!

This post will be updated as Lawson’s is in stock and sells out for Friday, September 23rd & Saturday, September 24th!

Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine & Super Session #2 Stock Status:

Sip of Sunshine IPA –

  • Friday 09/23 – Two (2) packs per person – Sold Out – More Saturday at 10a :)
  • Saturday 09/24 – 10a Release

Super Session 12oz Cans –

  • Friday 09/23 – In stock :)
  • Saturday 09/24 – 10a Release

Lawson’s Bottles –

  • None this week Edit

Good Measure Brewing Co. | Incorporated Ale


Good Measure Brewing Co. | Incorporated Ale

$6.99 32oz | $11.99 64oz


We are extraordinarily delighted to offer Incorporated Ale, the first beer from the newest brewery in Vermont – Good Measure Brewing!

Hailing from Northfield, our friends have provided us with a most welcome gift of their hoppy blonde ale for our growler bar.

Revel in the delight of this new beer while you can because it surely won’t last soon.


  • Brewery:  Good Measure Brewing Co.
  • Beer:  Incorporated Ale
  • Style:  Hoppy American Blonde Ale
  • ABV:  4%
  • IBU’s:  28
  • Brewer Notes:  “Incorporated” American Blonde Ale with oats.   Our version of a hop-forward American Blonde Ale.  Brewed with flaked oats for a rounded and soft mouthfeel.  Hopped generously with tropical, fruit forward hops.  Pilsner, 2-row, Crystal 10, Flaked Oats, Columbus, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin.


Anchorage Brewing Company | Stock List


A customer recently emailed us to inquire what Anchorage Brewing Company beers we had in stock so instead of just replying to one person, we are electing to share the information with all of you!

Anchorage Brewing Company Stock | 21-SEP-16

Detailed information brazenly ripped off:

Love Buzz | Saison w/ Brettanomyces | 8% ABV | 40 IBU’s | $14.99

A feeling overcomes, deriving of a most curious perplexity. A rich desire awakens to explore the contents of such delicate loveliness. Upon a deep connection with rounded lips, a bitter sweet complexity enters the soul…and so begins an amorous affair.

Heightened awareness envelopes the senses as the grandeur of such bold character develops. Caramel beauty exhibits itself, sprawling its full body widely upward, bubbling with excitement. Tantalizing effects of peppery bitterness grasps the tongue. Enchantment takes hold as a blanket of citrus slowly unfolds. As in any noteworthy love story, a subtle fruity sweetness of a rose emerges to the finish. A warm contentment grazes over, signifying a united marriage of balance and pleasure.

Fortitude has revealed itself to those who have encountered such an enriching experience. An experience so delectable, so defining, so unequivocal. An experience that is Love’s Buzz.

 Bitter Monk | Belgian Style Double IPA w/ Brettanomyces | 9% ABV | 100 IBU’s | $14.99

Deep within the tortured aberrations of a monk’s mind there lay a concept of a Holy Grail of beer — a beer oft imagined but never tasted, strived for but never achieved. It’s Belgian heritage manifested in its yeasty complexity, softened and rounded in its cooperage Français and made to sparkle like the stars first seen by his distant predecessor Dom Pérignon.

Bitter Monk Belgian Double IPA is such a beer. Redolent of citrusy hop bittering and massive malt infusion, this is a beer to ponder, to sip, and, even for a monk, to dream. Why then is the monk so bitter? What provokes that sly smile? What is he wearing under that flowing robe? A triple-fermented beer gives him three times the mystery. Remember, anything worth doing is worth over doing. Nothing exceeds like excess. Even for the cloistered.

And what rough monk, his hour come round at last, slinks slowly toward Brussels to be reborn.

Rondy Brew | Saison bottled w/ Brettanomyces | 6.5% ABV | 32 IBU’s | $13.99

In the cold and dark heart of winter, in the slightly twisted, yet brilliant mind of a local DJ, an ember slowly burned. How long, how hot, who knows? What we do know is that the ember grew into a flame and once released, grew legs, antlers and much more…A legend was born.

In a small office, not far away, a community festival struggled. After staggering debt was paid off thanks to community support, it was time to give Rondy back to the people. Time to bring it back to its Alaskan roots and reengage the vast majority of the community that had walked away from it.

Bob & Mark brought up the idea for an event so out there, so uniquely Alaskan that it was destined for success. All it needed was someone (enter Susan Duck, Rondy’s Executive Director) to round up some reindeer, a little planning and insurance… insurance that took nine months to find. Finally, the last company on the list, agreed to insure the event.

At that moment, the legendary Rondy Running of the Reindeer was born. Born of a trinity of minds just twisted enough to see the potential joy it could bring to all on hand. Bob & Mark added in the United States Marine Corps Toys for Tots as their benficiary and to date we have raised over $30,000 for them.

Susan added in the costume element when she relayed to the registrants a challenge from one “Margy J.”, who “challenged everyone to show the world how Alaskans Run with the Reindeer – boas, sequins, etc.”. The gauntlet hit with a resounding thud and the costumes came out in force!

In 2012, Bob, Mark, KWHL 106.5 along with Susan and the Board of Directors and Staff of Greater Anchorage Inc. invite you to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Running of the Reindeer! We’ll see you March 3rd at 4pm on 4th Avenue!

Anchorage / Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Boreal | 7% ABV | $14.99

Collaboration with Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales: Saison brewed with mosaic and galaxy hops. Fermented and aged in oak tanks with fresh grapefruit peel, peppercorns, and fresh grapefruit juice.

Whiteout Wit | 6.5% ABV | $12.99

This is a variation on the classic Belgian Witbier style, but aged in French Oak Chardonnay barrels

Brewed with lemon peel, black peppercorns and corriander (sic).
Triple fermented – first in the tank with Belgian yeast, second in french oak Chardonnay barrels with brettanomyces, and finally in the bottle with a third yeast for natural carbonation.

Mosaic Saison | 6.5% ABV | $13.99

Mosaic hopped Saison with brettanomyces, aged in fermented in oak tanks.

Ethereal Growler Bar Updates | 09/20/2016


Ethereal growler bar updates to brighten your day and delight your senses featuring an uber delicious peach Berliner Weisse and a steady flow of VT-goodness!



Stay tuned and thirsty… a VT beer YOU’VE NEVER HAD BEFORE will be landing soon!

  • Barryessa Mini Separation Anxiety Session IPA | 4% ABV | $12.99 64oz / $6.99 32oz – Draft only!
  • Lost Nation House Pale | 5% ABV | $9.99 64oz / $5.99 32oz – A craveable, fresh and local pale ale from our friends at Lost Nation – Draft Only, No Cans Available!
  • Rock Art Mosaic IPA | 7.4% ABV | $8.99 64oz / $4.99 32oz – Fresh Mosaic IPA from our friends at Rock Art! Not available in bottles or cans – just kegs!
  • Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin Peach Berliner Weisse PEACH | 3.7% ABV | $18.99 64oz / $9.99 32oz – Peach Berliner Weisse beer!!  You may remember how fast the cans flew out of our store, get your paws on a refreshing Bevie Growler whilst you are able!  Cans sold out, draft now only available!
  • Idletyme Keep It Weird  | Four Fruit Sour | 4.6% ABV | $10.99 64oz / $5.99 32oz –  Grab this refreshing tart beer from our friends over in Stowe (VT) before it’s gone.  Draft only.
  • Stone Corral Raspberry Black Beer | 6.1% ABV | $13.99 64oz / $7.99 32oz – Robust black beer with raspberries- Draft Only, No Bottles/Cans Produced



Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine | Super Session #2 | 09/16 & 09/17


Get your tail over to the Beverage Warehouse and bask with your friends in the delicious liquid world of Lawson’s Finest Liquids!

This post will be updated as Lawson’s is in stock and sells out for Friday, September 16th & Saturday, September 17th!

Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine & Super Session #2 Stock Status:

Sip of Sunshine IPA –

  • Friday 09/16 – Two (2) packs per person – Sold out more Saturday at 10a :)
  • Saturday 09/17 – 10a Release – One (1) 4pk per person – Sold Out

Super Session 12oz Cans –

  • Friday 09/16 – One (1) 6pk OR One (1) 12pk per person
  • Saturday 09/17 – 10a Release – One (1) 6pk OR One (1) 12pk per person – In Stock

Lawson’s Bottles –

  • None this week :)

Lawson’s Maple Tripple | Sip of Sunshine | Super Session #2 | 09/09 & 09/10


Enjoy delicious things dropped off by our friends at Lawson’s Finest Liquids!

Please note:  Our wine and beer manager a.k.a. Kraken has Friday 09/09 off so there will be NO up to the minute updates about when the truck arrives, when Lawson’s goes out for sale, and when it sells out.  He will resume those awsome second by second updates 09/16!

09/09 Friday – WHEN the truck arrives…

  • Sip of Sunshine – two (2) 4pks per person while it lasts
  • Super Session #2 – one (1) 6pk OR 12pk per person
  • Maple Tripple Ale – one (1) per person – SUPER LIMITED – it will go instantaneously!

09/10 Saturday 10a Release:

  • Sip of Sunshine – one (1) 4pk per person
  • Super Session #2 – one (1) 6pk OR 12pk per person
  • Maple Tripple Ale – one (1) per person for the first 6 people in line!


FIll Bill | Growler Bar Updates | 09/08/2016


Fill Bill

…or whatever the name of your Bevie growler is.

Currently, 100% of kegs are special draft only brews meaning you can scour VT but you will not find them anywhere but on tap!

Revenge and Bevie growlers are best served cold.


  • Barryessa Mini Separation Anxiety Session IPA | 4% ABV | $12.99 64oz / $6.99 32oz – Draft only, no bottles / cans in VT – 1 keg, once it’s gone, it’s gone.
  • Lost Nation Petit Ardennes Saison | 4.2% ABV | 17 IBU’s | $5.99 32oz / $9.99 64oz – From Lost Nation: The Ardennes Forrest is a region in Belgium where some of the world’s best beers are produced. We used these beers as inspiration in brewing this Belgian session ale. Petit Ardennes is a light bodied blonde beer with notes of tropical fruit. A very sessionable beer with a low alcohol content that still has great flavor.  Draft only.
  • Rock Art Mosaic IPA | 7.4% ABV | $8.99 64oz / $4.99 32oz – Fresh Mosaic IPA from our friends at Rock Art!  Not available in bottles or cans – just kegs!
  • Foley Brothers | Grey Beard’s Wit | 5.5% ABV | $15.99 64oz / $8.99 32oz –  Getting hopped out?  Throw some of this easy drinking, Wit beer from our friends at Foley Brothers in your glass and drink it!  Draft only.
  • Idletyme Keep It Weird  | Four Fruit Sour | 4.6% ABV | $10.99 64oz / $5.99 32oz –  Grab this refreshing tart beer from our friends over in Stowe (VT) before it’s gone.  Draft only.
  • Fetchez La Vasche | Drop-In Brewing | 6.1% ABV |  $5.99 32oz / 0$15.99 64oz – If you can drink iced coffee during the summer, you can enjoy this milk stout from our friends at Drop-In Brewery!  Draft only.


Chateau de Brondeau | Bordeaux Supérieur 2012

chateau-de-brondeau copy

Chateau de Brondeau – Bordeaux Supérieur 2012 | Vin extraordinaire for $19.99


For more than a century, Château de Brondeau belonged to the Audy family, and Marie-Claude Audy, wife of Bordeaux wine merchant Dominique Méneret, inherited the estate in 2001. In 2011, the property was sold to Mr. Francis Vuile, a former AOC Cognac producer. Sitting on the banks of the Dordogne River, the estate is nestled in a jewel box of groves that seem to watch over the 32 acres (13 hectares) of vines.

The vineyard is in close proximity to the production facilities and the home. The site is densely planted – 2,400 vines/acre, or 6,000 vines/ha – on alluvial soils, with 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. The vineyard is trained traditionally with selective grassing over to retain the richness of the terroir.

Winemaking Philosophy:

The grapes are sorted before transfer into cement vats adapted to the size of individual vineyard parcels, all equipped with an effective temperature control system. During fermentation, the cellar master performs several small daily pump-overs, and macerations do not exceed 20 days. When the wine is run off, multiple tastings enable the isolation of several separate lots. The wine is aged for approximately 15 months in vat using French oak staves. This preserves the freshness of its fruit and does not allow wood notes to overpower the wine. Blending takes place several months before bottling, which generally happens more or less in early spring, depending on the vintage, after fining and a light filtering.

Wine Description:

Château de Brondeau hugs the Dordogne river, nestled in a jewel box of groves overlooking 22  rolling acres of estate vineyards. The Château de Brondeau Bordeaux displays consistent quality  year after year; a wine that offers characteristic freshness, silkiness and balance.  Manually harvested and fermented in cement tanks, this Bordeaux requires 12 months of aging before bottling. The wonderful presentation and attractive price make this an excellent value for any lover of Bordeaux.

Tasting Notes:

Deep ruby in color, the Château de Brondeau Bordeaux is clear and fresh with a dense, expressive nose. Round and fleshy on the palate with flavors of fresh red fruit and chocolate, it offers excellent balance with a long, lasting finish.

Analytical Data:

  • Vineyard name:   Château de Brondeau
  • Vineyard size:  23 acres
  • Soil composition:  Clay, Silt, Sand, and Gravel
  • Elevation:  8 feet
  • Vines/acre:  2,400
  • Yield/acre:  0.2 tons
  • Harvest time:  Early October
  • Bottles produced of this wine:  48,000
  • Varietal composition:  100% Merlot
  • Fermentation container:  concrete
  • Maceration technique:  Pumpovers
  • Length of maceration:  21 days days
  • Malolactic fermentation:  Yes
  • Type of aging container:  Cement vats
  • Length of aging before bottling:  12 months
  • Alcohol:  14.5 %
  • Residual sugar:  0.4 g/L
  • Acidity:  3.5 g/L
  • Dry extract:   19.0 g/L

Forlorn Hope | Natural Wine


We are delighted to introduce a new line of natural wine to the VT marketplace – Forlorn Hope.


forlorn-hope-wine copy

Forlorn Hope is a great addition to our ever expanding natural wine selection.



We will begin diving in and reviewing these fantastic, responsibly crafted wines during September, here is a teaser about the wines from:


All Forlorn Hope wines are produced from winegrapes. That’s it.

We believe very strongly that site and farming produce all that we should like to find in a bottle of wine, and we don’t want to confuse or muddy the story that each wine can relate by adding water or yeast or acid or enzymes that had nothing at all to do with what the vines put into each of our clusters.

Each of the Forlorn Hope wines may be put through very different fermentations en route to becoming one of our Rare Creatures — Sèmillon is destemmed and pressed, then fermented in old and neutral barrels; Gewürztraminer is destemmed and fermented on the skins; Alvarelhão is fermented whole-cluster with no destemming or initial breaking of the fruit — but throughout it all a common vein runs through the thought process in the cellar: listen to what the fermentation is saying as it transforms from fruit into wine. What does it want to become? In what direction does its nature want to lead it? In this manner we guide our ferments along, receiving suggestions and guidance from the wine and fermentative microbes themselves.

No new barrels are ever used in the Forlorn Hope cellar. Currently, our oldest 60 gallon vessels are from the 1997 vintage.

At Matthew Rorick Wines, we love the longshots. We love the outsiders, the lost causes, the people/projects/ideas abandoned as not having a chance in the world. We love the longshots because we’re all about tenacity, we relish a challenge, and – we admit it – we love us a good tussle.

Hans Brinker, the Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dike? We’re big fans of his. Penelope – weaving all day and ripping it out all night? She’s with us. Henry V’s speech at the Battle of Agincourt? Pretty much our theme song.

Taken from the Dutch ‘verloren hoop’, meaning ‘lost troop’, Forlorn Hope was the name given to the band of soldiers who volunteered to lead the charge directly into enemy defenses. The chance of success for the Forlorn Hope was always slim, but the glory and rewards granted to survivors ensured no shortage of applicants.

These bottles, the first produced by Matthew Rorick Wines, were our headlong rush into the breach. Rare creatures from appellations unknown and varieties uncommon, these wines are our brave advance party, our pride and joy – our Forlorn Hope.