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Stony Eyed Surprise

Freak Folk Release!

  • Family Portrait is a super soft IPA at 6.9% ABV, hopped with Citra and Simcoe
      • $18.99 | 4-Pack
  • Double Fantasy is a double pale ale made with American barley, oats, and wheat, hopped with Strata and Strata CCX
      • $19.99 | 4-Pack
  • Sea of Stones is something truly special. This imperial stout, aged in bourbon barrels and conditioned on cacao and Congo vanilla beans, is not to be missed
      • $17.99 | 375mL Bottle
      • Limit Two(2) Bottles Per Person, Per Day

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

I Don’t Know Half of You Half As Well As I Should Like…

Other Half release, get in while they’re still here!

Beer 4-Pack Price
All Citra Everything  $          23.99
Bagel & Schmear  $          23.99
Broccoli  $          23.99
Cheddar Broccoli  $          26.99
Forever Ever  $          20.99
Green City  $          20.99
Stacks on Stacks: Southern Hemisphere  $          26.99

…and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

Prices do not include VT tax and deposit.

Long Live the King

We’ve got a brand new release from Wunderkammer on this beautiful afternoon!

Perfect Red King

A wheat beer with mixed culture and sumac.

Perfect Red King, an alchemical term, refers to philosopher’s sulfur. The process for creating the perfect red king was long and arduous, requiring concentration and prayer.

Price does not include VT tax or deposit.