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The Thirstiest of Thursdays

We’ve got some awesome releases to lead you into the beautiful holiday weekend!

New Freak Folk beers, including:

  • Double Fantasy Double Pale Ale, hopped with Strata and Strata CCX
  • None the Wiser West Coast Style IPA, this round hopped with Mosaic and Nelson
  • ReAnimator Doppelbock

Super fresh hop drops from Other Half and Tilted Barn, courtesy of our friends at VT Beer Shepherd.

And the return of Fiddlehead Mastermind to the Bevie!

Happy quenching.

Hell Hath No Fury

We’ve got a can’t miss Freak Folk release for you, check it out!

4-Pack Single
Abyssalism*  $                         23.99
Bone Mask  $                      17.99  $                           5.15
Fasion War  $                      20.99  $                           5.90
Scorn*  $                         21.99
*Limit Two(2) Each of Bottles(500mL) Per Person, Per Day

Prices do not include VT tax and deposit

Get Folk’d

For the first time in over a year, we have fresh offerings from the wonder of Waterbury, Freak Folk Bier!

Shapeless is a Triple IPA hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Nectaron.
Shapeless | 4-Pack 16oz Cans | $23.99

Pronghorn is an unfiltered Bavarian style Helles.
Pronghorn | 4-Pack 16oz Cans | $17.99

Cult of Billy: The Illusionist is an experimental Double IPA hopped with HBC-586, Citra, and Rakau.
Cult of Billy: The Illusionist | 4-Pack 16oz Cans | $21.99

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.


Everytime Freaks Touch

Just in time to grab a special brew for the Thanksgiving table, it’s the return of Freak Folk, this time with a new entry in the Finders Keepers series.

This Flemish inspired dark ale is fermented in wine barrels, matured on cascara, and bottle conditioned with VT maple syrup.

375mL Bottle – $14.99

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Your Name Is Melvin Melvin?

Well, looky here! We just received a surprise drop from our friends at Freak Folk Bier, get a load of Melvin!

A Biére de Mars at 6% ABV, Melvin is an amber farmhouse ale, fermented with mixed culture, brewed in December 2019 and aged half and half in oak and stainless steel.

We will be spreading our release of this beauty between this afternoon(Thursday, 9/2), tomorrow, and Saturday. Bottles are on the shelf now; the remainder will be released at 10AM over each of the next two days!

$19.99 | 750mL Bottle

**Limit Two(2) Bottles Per Person, Per Day**

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Colour Me Leafy

Yet another stunning release from Freak Folk is here!

  • Primordia II was brewed in July 2019, fermented in oak puncheons with mixed culture.
      • $18.99 | 750mL Bottle
  • Colour Haze was brewed in May 2020, fermented in stainless steel with mixed culture and conditioned on freshly picked whole cone Centennial hops from Champlain Valley hops.
      • $21.99 | 750mL Bottle

No reservations, this release will be split between tomorrow(Thursday, 4/15) and Friday, 4/16. Bottles will be out for sale when we open at 10AM on each day.

**Limit 2 Bottles of Each Per Person, Per Day**

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.