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Long Live the King

We’ve got a brand new release from Wunderkammer on this beautiful afternoon!

Perfect Red King

A wheat beer with mixed culture and sumac.

Perfect Red King, an alchemical term, refers to philosopher’s sulfur. The process for creating the perfect red king was long and arduous, requiring concentration and prayer.

Price does not include VT tax or deposit.

Glove Slap

We’ve got two new brews from the wizard of Wunderkammer!

Rubus Duel – $14.99
A mixed culture fruit beer with raspberry and blackberry.

Gosts – $10.99
A séance style smoke beer with mixed culture.

All bottles 500mL. Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Pull Up a Stool

On this cool and rainy National Beer Day, we can think of no better brew to unveil than Wunderkammer’s newest creation: croak hello to Toad!

Revisiting an early brew, this is an applewood smoke beer with a deep earthy undertone, courtesy of lichen, mushrooms, and oak leaves. Like a walk in the woods in the rainy spring or fall, this transportive concoction is a beautiful balance of complex flavors.

$13.99 | 500mL Bottle

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Watch Your Figure

We’ve got another stellar Wunderkammer creation to go in and around your mouth during the weekend ahead.

Figure 5 is the second of three mixed culture single hop pale ales in a collaboration with Champlain Valley Hops, hopped(and dry-hopped) this time exclusively with Champlain Valley Cascade.

$10.99 | 500mL Bottle

Price does not include VT tax or deposit.

Drink and Be Healed

We’ve got a fresh release from Wunderkammer to soothe you through the cold days and storms ahead.

Asklepian – A mixed culture ale brewed with a large dose of honey in the coolship, then after conditioning in oak, more raw honey was used for bottle conditioning.

500mL | $11.99
1.5L | $53.99

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.