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Where the Wind Blows Free

For the first time in almost two years, Prairie Artisan Ales have returned to Vermont! We’ve got their Oklahoma sours and stouts of all kinds; check out these beauties:

4-Pack Single
Blueberry Boyfriend  $    12.99  $       3.65
Bomb!  $       9.49
Bourbon Paradise  $    13.99
French Toast Brunch  $    13.99
Hazelnut Marty  $    13.99
Indulge Me  $    13.99
Mint Condish  $    18.49  $       5.20
Nerdy Dancing  $    18.49  $       5.20
Patches  $    18.49  $       5.20
Peach Crumble Treat  $    18.49  $       5.20
Pink Guava Colada  $    11.99  $       3.25
Rainbow Sherbet  $    11.99  $       3.25
Razzle Dazzle  $    13.99
Slush  $    11.99  $       3.25
Tiny Esses  $    11.99  $       3.25

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Pass It On

Exciting and diverse new releases from Upper Pass today! Check it out:

  • Perseverance in Pink – Tequila Barrel-Aged Sour Ale with Hibiscus and Lime Zest, Bottle Conditioned with Agave Nectar
        • $14.99 | 500ml Bottle
  • Mitten Hops – Session IPA made with Hops from Michigan
        • $16.99 | 4-pack 16oz Cans
  • Stretching Years – Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
        • $14.99 | 500ml Bottle
  • Gabieta – Baltic Porter
        • $16.99 | 4-pack 16oz Cans
  • Creation’s Shadow – Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine
        • $14.99 | 500ml Bottle

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit

Oxbow / Ducato Oud Brunello Sour Barrel Aged Beer

oud-brunello-beerAnother special Waking Windows release!

Oud Brunello is a collaboration between Oxbow (Maine) & Del Ducato (Italy).  This tart, semi-still, pecan colored sour beer is a fleeting treat.  We only get a couple cases a year and we’re releasing it as part of our special weekend of beer.

  • Oud Brunello
  • Oxbow / Del Ducato Collaboration
  • Ale aged in oak barrels
  • 7% ABV
  • $13.49 / 330ml
  • This beer is a collaboration with Oxbow, our tribute to fabulous Oud Bruin of lost times.  Fermented directly into used barrels of Brunello di Montalcino, this beer is beautifully tart and fruity from the influence of Brunello wine barrels.

Hogback Brewing FREE TASTING Friday 05/06


Pop into the Bevie Friday, May 6th from 3:30-6p and hangout with Kevin, the brewer of Hogback Brewing!

Hogback Brewing is the newest brewery bottling in VT, if you haven’t tried any Hogback beers yet, this is the perfect time to sip some suds and chat with the brewer!


~  Carriage Barn Series – Pink Boots Gose with Blood Oranges – a Gose that is sour and lightly salty that ends up with a matched orange finish. APV is 4.4%, 11 IBUs

~  Carriage Barn Series – Pink Boots Big Brew – An American Sour with Cherries – a moderately soured taste up front that transitions to a light cherry taste at the finish. APV is 5.2%, 10 IBUs

~  Rock’s Flying Service – A pale ale that is malt forward with American cascade hops, almonst an English Mild. APV is 5.0%, 23 IBUs.

~  Carriage Barn Series – Addy Brown – A full body brown ale hints of chocolate, and a moderate earthy/bitter hop presence.  APV is 4.5%, 43 IBUs.

~  Park Filling Station – A Kolsch style ale that is light and crips with German Tettnang hops. APV is 4.5%, 21 IBUs.

~  The Bristol Railroad – A Hefe-Weizen with banana aromas as well as bananna taste with a hint of cloves. This beer is 50% wheat with Saaz hops. APV is 5.3, 10 IBUs.

Hermit Thrush Sour VT Beer in Cans!

Hermit Thrust Sour Beer is Here!

One 4pk per person of each style while supplies last – I can tell you these will go fast and are incredible.  I can’t wait until we get more.  Because of all the beer-ness we’ve got going on over here, these are next to our ‘Schlitz & Giggles’ sign as indicated by the red dot.  Enjoy! (I know I did)


Style: Sour Ale
ABV: 5.2%

Inspired by the town of Brattleboro, the unique sour ale captures the best of local flavors. Brattlebeer is slightly tart, light bodied and dry with both fruity and malty undertones, and a rocky, champagne-like head. Fermented spontaneously with a blend of local apple cider, malt, and hops, this delicate pale ale pairs well with soft cheeses and herbal entrees, and often compliments seasonal fruit desserts.
hermit-thrush-green-street-sipa-sour-vt-beer-beverage-warehouseGreen Street SIPA
Style: Sour India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.8%

Our Green Street Sour IPA is the sour take on the beloved hop-centric beer Vermont is known for. We focus on a balance of hop and malt flavors with a citric tang from a few days of kettle souring. It’s not the jolt to your taste buds that our Flemish Sour Brown provides, but it certainly has a powerful, tart presence to support its hoppiness. We use 100% locally sourced hops from our neighbors at Four Star Farms for their truly excellent aroma and flavor. Are you ready for a new approach to an old style?