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Oxbow / Ducato Oud Brunello Sour Barrel Aged Beer

oud-brunello-beerAnother special Waking Windows release!

Oud Brunello is a collaboration between Oxbow (Maine) & Del Ducato (Italy).  This tart, semi-still, pecan colored sour beer is a fleeting treat.  We only get a couple cases a year and we’re releasing it as part of our special weekend of beer.

  • Oud Brunello
  • Oxbow / Del Ducato Collaboration
  • Ale aged in oak barrels
  • 7% ABV
  • $13.49 / 330ml
  • This beer is a collaboration with Oxbow, our tribute to fabulous Oud Bruin of lost times.  Fermented directly into used barrels of Brunello di Montalcino, this beer is beautifully tart and fruity from the influence of Brunello wine barrels.