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In Store Shopping | Redemption Center | Store Hours


Hey everyone!

Please remember that our redemption center needs to close on time.

We put a chain up at the end of the building 30-45 minutes before we close depending on load size of cars already in the back drive up area, so that our staff can have time to finish the line and clean.

If the line is beyond where the chain goes up, you will need to come back another time.

Please plan accordingly.

Our staff is working incredibly hard since other redemption centers are currently closed and our lines are longer than usual…. we will be respecting their need to leave at the right time… <3

– Jen

Redemption Center Hours – Different Than Retail Store Hours

Redemption Center Schedule – Open 6 Days

  • Sunday | CLOSED
  • Monday | 10a-5:30p
  • Tuesday | 10a-5:30p
  • Wednesday | 10a-5:30p
  • Thursday | 10a-5:30p
  • Friday | 10a-5:30p
  • Saturday | 10a-4:30p


Retail Store Schedule – Open 7 Days

  • Sunday | 11a-6p
  • Monday | 10a-9p
  • Tuesday | 10a-9p
  • Wednesday | 10a-9p
  • Thursday | 10a-9p
  • Friday | 10a-9p
  • Saturday | 10a-9p

Bevie To Go / Curbside Service


Bevie To Go!

(We are open for in store service!)


We currently offer easy curbside service and as of April 23rd we have restricted Walk In’s! :

1. We will be limiting people. Our staff will be posted out front with smiles to help with this.
2. You MUST wear a mask to come in the store that covers mouth and nose. It can be a bandana, or anything that prevents an unexpected cough or sneeze from hitting the air.
3. You must use our self-dispensing hand sanitizer station before entering. If you are wearing latex gloves, you still need to use. Clean gloves are good!
4. Please respect the 6ft rule and distance yourself. You will see marks on the floor and plexiglass at every register.

We would love to have you help us through by considering purchasing 1-2 weeks’ worth of liquid supplies per visit. Less visits = more safety.

We ask if you are doing CURBSIDE to have your orders called in to 802-655-2620 by 2PM and picked up by 5PM.

  • Call us @ (802) 655-2620 (tap to call)
    -> -> -> (please have a mental idea of what you want)
  • We will efficiently pull items off the shelves while on the phone with you there is NO MINIMUM ORDER or UPCHARGE
  • We will pack up your order after getting off the phone with you
  • Call us when you pull up
  • We will come out, make sure you are 21+, obtain your credit card or cash, return inside, process the transaction, and reappear with your receipt(s) and items

Consider local items when getting Bevie To Go!

Help our Vermont neighbors and makers and support them as we’ll all get by with a little help our friends.

Kindly keep in mind:

  • Fluctuating stock levels on some items during these wonky days
  • Bring your own pen – we will bring out a fresh clean one for you, but bringing your own is best
  • In Vermont, spirits are processed on one POS system, all other items (wine, beer, etc.) are processed on a different POS system
  • We may be busy at times but we will hotfoot your order 🙂

Currently, we are not offering a delivery service due to the daily fluctuations of the times we are in and logistics with rotating staff to keep them healthy and safe while keeping staffing levels up on both retail and redemption sides.


In Store Hours | Special Schedule | Redemption Center | Curbside Service


Grab a Vermont beer and wait for this whole thing to blow over 🙂



Curbside / Bevie To Go

  • Call or email before 2p if possible, pickup by 5:30pTuesday | 10a-5:30p



In Store Retail Hours – SPECIAL SCHEDULE

  • Sunday | CLOSED
  • Monday | 10a-7p
  • Tuesday | 10a-7p
  • Wednesday | 10a-7p
  • Thursday | 10a-7p
  • Friday | 10a-8p
  • Saturday | 10a-8p


Redemption Center Hours – SPECIAL SCHEDULE

  • Sunday | CLOSED
  • Monday | 10a-5:30p
  • Tuesday | 10a-5:30p
  • Wednesday | 10a-5:30p
  • Friday | 10a-5:30p
  • Friday | CLOSED
  • Saturday | 10a-4:30p


Brio Coffeeworks Vermont | Nitro Flash Chilled Coffee Cans | Tasting FRI 10/11 12:00-2:00

Brio Coffeeworks Vermont | Nitro Flash Chilled Coffee Cans | Tasting FRI 10/11 12:00-2:00

Get a different type of ‘buzz’ at the Bevie this Friday from 12:00-2:00PM with local VT roasters Brio Coffeeworks!

From the can –

Flash chilled coffee.

Vibrant and complex.  This is how we imagines the perfect cold coffee when we set out to create this product.  By brewing hot and rapidly chilling the coffee before canning, we’ve locked in the sweet, delicate flavors that characterize our coffee.   The result is cold coffee, reimagined.


– Nate & Magda | Co-Founders




Lagunitas Hop | Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Refresher Tasting | FRI 06/28 3-6PM

Lagunitas Hop | Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Refresher – IPA Inspired | Beverage Warehouse VT

Lagunitas Hop | Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Refresher Tasting | FRI 06/28 3-6PM

Zero Alcohol-Carbs-Calories-Gluten… the latest buzz at the Bevie is about a beverage that won’t get you buzzed – Lagunitas Hop | Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Refresher!

This IPA inspired beverage tastes like you should not be allowed to drink it at work.

Stay safe this summer or slim down by adding refreshing Lagunitas Hop to your cooler.

This IPA-inspired sparkling beverage is a fresh take on an old tradition … a zero-alcohol, zero-carbohydrate, and zero-calorie refreshment, made using everything we know about hops. It’s a variation on a theme of 25 years of edgy brewing at the edge of brewing. Beer listens!

– Zero Alcohol
– Zero Carbs
– Zero Calories
– Zero Gluten

– Zero Sugar