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In Store Shopping | Redemption Center | Store Hours


Hey everyone!

Please remember that our redemption center needs to close on time.

We put a chain up at the end of the building 30-45 minutes before we close depending on load size of cars already in the back drive up area, so that our staff can have time to finish the line and clean.

If the line is beyond where the chain goes up, you will need to come back another time.

Please plan accordingly.

Our staff is working incredibly hard since other redemption centers are currently closed and our lines are longer than usual…. we will be respecting their need to leave at the right time… <3

– Jen

Redemption Center Hours – Different Than Retail Store Hours

Redemption Center Schedule ‚Äď Open 6 Days

  • Sunday | CLOSED
  • Monday | 10a-5:30p
  • Tuesday | 10a-5:30p
  • Wednesday | 10a-5:30p
  • Thursday | 10a-5:30p
  • Friday | 10a-5:30p
  • Saturday | 10a-4:30p


Retail Store Schedule ‚Äď Open 7 Days

  • Sunday | 11a-6p
  • Monday | 10a-9p
  • Tuesday | 10a-9p
  • Wednesday | 10a-9p
  • Thursday | 10a-9p
  • Friday | 10a-9p
  • Saturday | 10a-9p

Steals & Deals – End Of Summer Closeouts – Stock Up & Save!

Back to School Specials, Stock Up & Save In The Beverage Warehouse
Steals & Deals Room!


Monster Energy Drink $25.00 CASE…
Buy One Get One FREE!


Seagram’s Flavors – $9.99 CASE!

*  *  *  *  *

Summer Deals, Get ’em While You Can!

~  Shock Top Summer 12pk cans Р$12.39!
~¬† Magic Hat Stealin’ Time 12pk – $8.99!
~  Leinenkugel Summer Mix 12pk Р$9.99!
~  Woodchuck Summer 12pk cans Р$7.99!
~  Bud Light 16oz aluminum bottles 24pk Р$17.99 CASE!
~  Magic Hat Summer Mix Pack 12pk Р$8.99!

*  *  *  *  *

Delicious New Adult Beverages!

~  Spiked Seltzer 12pk Р$17.99
~  Coney Island Root Beer 6pk Р$10.99


Beer on Sale – 5 out of 5 Whisky Advocate Rating!

smokin-bishop-beer¬†The latest edition of Whisky Advocate rated smoked/peated beers and gave the Invercargill Smokin’ Bishop a 5 out of 5!¬†

We are pleased to have it on sale (in addition to many other brews) in our ‘Steals & Deals’ room!

Perfect around the campfire or a BBQ, the Smokin’ Bishop will add a punch of flavor and excitement to your day!

Invercargill Smokin’ Bishop | Manuka Smoked Bock | 7% ABV

5/5 Whisky Advocate  |  94 & 93 Rate Beer