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TreTap Sparkling Water

tretap-beverage-warehouse-2We are pleased to announce a new addition to our VT beverage line – TreTap sparkling water!


These refreshing cans of VT sparkling goodness have been a staff favorite from the moment they hit the Bevie.  Not overly sweet, the staff has been ripping through TreTap by itself at work, and at home with the addition of vodka, rum, and other spirits.



tretap-blueberry Hydrate healthy with tretap, a pristine sparkling water for those who care about what goes into their body.

Made in Vermont by seventh generation family growers, tretap is harvested using sustainable forestry practices and infused with organic flavors. tretap is a refreshing, low calorie, sparkling alternative to soda naturally sweetened with a touch of anti-oxidant rich, organic maple syrup.

tretap-cranberry 4 Delicious Maple Water Flavors:

  • Wild Blueberry
  • Bright Cranberry
  • Refreshing Cucumber
  • Real Maple

You Oughta Know…

  • 0-5cal/can
  • 2-6g sugar/can
  • 54 antioxidants
  • Kosher certified
  • Locally harvested
  • Natural hydration
  • Best served chilled

tretap-cucumber Tretap is locally sourced from Vermont’s maple trees, harvested by two of the largest maple sugar families in Vermont. Together, they operate a network of over 250,000 taps.

Tretap owns the sources of production (maple trees in Vermont) and transforms them into refreshing sparkling beverages, truly a unique Vermont experience.

tretap-maple “Tretap is organic, low calorie, low sugar using our own organic syrup as the sweetener, NON-GMO and kosher certified. I challenge consumers to know the ingredients of their drinks and know the source of their water. I promote healthy bubbles as an alternative to all the unhealthy, high sugar choices that are on the drink shelves in retailers.” – Kevin Harrison

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GuS – Grown Up Soda Tasting – 4-6p on 10/17/2015

Join us for a delicious, alcohol-free beverage tasting 4-6p!

gus_logo We are proud to carry and support GuS beverages.  Whether you need a non-alcoholic option or want to make a lively cocktail, GuS offers a variety of tasty options!



GuS – Grown-up Soda is a line of natural, less-sweet sodas made with real juices and natural extract and only lightly sweetened with cane sugar. The dry and refreshing sodas are great straight but some say even better as easy cocktail mixers. The violently independent company is 100% family owned and operated with all bottling done in small batches in Worcester, MA.

Why GuS?
GuS Sodas are a perfect accompaniment to food because they are not heavy or sugar-laden. With “dry” in their names, the flavors are crisp, light and not cloyingly sweet. The moderate level of carbonation is reminiscent of Italian sodas, making GuS less filling and more refreshing. Others enjoy GuS Sodas as cocktail mixers because they are an ideal tart-sweet base for vodka, gin, rum or bourbon.

What is GuS?
GuS stands for Grown-up Soda. It’s a line of sparkling sodas that are not too sweet, developed for grown-up palates (but kids like them too!) They contain real juice and extracts and are lightly sweetened with cane sugar. Each 12oz. bottle has only 90 – 98 calories, compared to typical sodas with 140 – 160 calories. The entire line is kosher, caffeine-free* and gluten-free.