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07/20 Saturday | 10AM Beer Cave Release – Belgium Blowout

10AM 07/20 Saturday | Beer Cave Release – Belgium Blowout

Our shelves are bursting with the largest, freshest beer selection around but pucker up for our Belgium Blowout starting at 10 AM Saturday morning!

~ Super Limited Supplies, Select One ~

  • Cantillon | Classic Gueuze
  • Cantillon | St. Lamvinus
  • Cantillon | Vigneronne
  • Tilquin | Oude Gueuze
  • Tilquin | Quetsche (Plum sour)

~ Get These While You Can ~

  • 3 Fonteinen | Oude Geuze Vintage Blend
  • 3 Fonteinen | Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston
  • 3 Fonteinen | Oude Kriek (Cherry)



07/19 Friday Beer Cave Release | Fresh Suds | New Beer

We work tirelessly all year round to bring you the freshest brews from our local VT makers, highly sought after vintage ales from around the globe, and new libation from up and coming breweries.

This week is the culmination where the stars align, we get special treats, and friends give us bonuses to share with locals and visitors during this frothy and fun time of the year!

There are just too many beers to list!

More than anything, we are blessed, and delighted to announce the opportunity to share with you starting on Friday 07/19 at 10 AM…

FRI 07/18 10AM Beer Cave Release:

  • Cantillon | Classic Gueuze | Super Limited Amount
  • Tilquin | Oude Gueuze | Super Limited Amount
  • Tilquin | Quetsche (Plum sour) | Super Limited Amount
  • 3 Fonteinen | Oude Geuze Vintage Blend
  • 3 Fonteinen | Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston
  • 3 Fonteinen | Oude Kriek (Cherry)
  • Jester King & Põhjala | Port Over Easy | Port Barrel Aged Imperial Stout | Limited Amount
  • Wunderkammer Bier | 4 Varieties!!!
  • Fiddlehead | Wild Ale – 2 Varients
  • Founders KBS | Multiple vintages
  • 14th Star | Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Maple Sap Stout


Many new breweries never before seen in VT (100+ beers arrived yesterday!) or new from:

  • Labietis – Exciting beer from Latvia never before available in VT |  Citra hopped berry ale, mead, tart ales
  • Engine 9 – new to VT brewery introduction | Sours & fruited wild ales
  • Three Magnets – new to VT brewery introduction | Sours & fruited farmhouse ale
  • The Collective – new to VT brewery introduction | Tart/wild ales
  • Long Beach – new to VT brewery introduction | Fruit sours, berry vanilla porter, cans, bottles…
  • Birds Fly South – new to VT brewery introduction | Apricot Chardonnay barrel aged ale, fruited ales, tartness
  • Garden Path Fermentation – new to VT brewery introduction | Blended barrel aged fruit ales, subtle ales
  • Grimfrost – new to VT introduction | Aged mead
  • Strange Roots – new fruit sours available!
  • Boréale – new to VT brewery introduction | IPA du Nord-Est hazy IPA
  • Fat Orange Cat – new NE beers!
  • Libertine – new sours
  • Jolly Pumpkin – new BA stout
  • Bellwoods – new cherry sour and new peach sour
  • … and many more, this is just scratching the surface!


Our local VT friends are loading us up with super fresh beer!  Stock up while you ‘can…’

  • Alchemist | Focal Banger & Heady Topper
  • Lawson’s | Sip of Sunshine (Double Sunshine inspired DIPA), Super Session #8, and depending on the day… 🙂
  • Zero Gravity | Strawberry Moon, Bing Bing, Madonna, and so many others
  • Upper Pass | Cloud Drop DIPA, First Drop, Fred’s Red, Together We Can IPA, Moove on Up…
  • Four Quarters | IPA’s, Sours, and tantalizing ales
  • Ten Bends | Northern Heights IPA
  • Burlington Beer Co. | Raspberry Whalecake, Strawberry Whalecake, IPA’s, DIPA”s, Sours…
  • Frost | Special hazy IPA’s, Lush, Lushicle, hazy VT galore
  • Foley Brothers | Fresh and juicy Prawpaw, Big Bang…

It would blow your mind (and wear out the internet) if we listed everything so pop over to the local, independent, VT family owned Beverage Warehouse and your thirst will be quenched!


(Saturday details coming…)


Vermont Brewers Festival | Beer Cave Release

Vermont Brewers Festival is here and we’re having our annual beer cave release!

This is absolutely going to be the best release we’ve ever had!

We are busy unpacking and pricing but we can release a little information to tantalize you with…

Starting Friday, you will find:

  • Stunning sours, stouts, and specialty ales from a dozen new breweries NEVER BEFORE seen in VT
  • DOZENS of new, astonishing beers from around the globe never before available in VT
  • Unrivaled selection and availability of beer from featured Vermont Brewers Festival Breweries than anyone else
  • 1st Beer Cave Drop – (details coming)

Stay tuned and thirsty… your pilgrimage for bodacious beer is fulfilled at the Bevie.

2017 Vermont Brewers Festival | Beer Cave Release | Preliminary Information

Welcome to the first installment of our annual VT Brewers Festival Beer Cave Release!

Today, we’re slightly cracking open the case of just a bit to let you know about some of our treasured beers to help you start planning your plundering of some of the most sought after beers in the world.

Every year, we drag you down in into the depths of our beer cave… this year, we’re making it even easier for you to wow your pals and palates with fresh Vermont beer, aged stouts, mind bending sours… and… ****ing awesome ****** special  beers from ********* and ****** and ************ and so many more.

Whether it’d be fresh Alchemist & Lawson’s or VT beers we’re not allowed to talk about yet, we have you covered.  No reservations, no saving beer, no trading for favors, no peeling off $20’s, first come, first served, all deployed with no shenanigan pricing – we revel in making people happy!

2017 Schedule:

  • 07/21 – FRI 10a – beer release information coming
  • 07-22 – SAT 9a – beer release information coming
  • 07/23 – SUN 10a – beer release information coming

Stay tuned… detailed information about new Friday and Saturday morning beer releases during Vermont Brewers Festival is coming out soon.

You know we go BIG, and that you don’t want to miss out.