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2018 Founders KBS plus 2017 & 2016 Vintage AND CBS Release | Monday April 2nd.

Darkness is coming!  Get to the Bevie on time so you don’t miss out on your share of Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout!

Monday, April 2nd, 10 AM Founders KBS & CBS & Vintage KBS Release Details:

  • 2018 Founders KBS – Four 4packs per person! | $21.99/4pk
  • 2017 Founders KBS – One (12oz) bottle to the first 48 people
  • 2016 Founders KBS – One (12oz) bottle to the first 48 people
  • 2017 Founders CBS – One (750ml) bottle to the first 12 people


From foundersbrewing.com:

What we’ve got here is an imperial stout brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolates, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year to make sure wonderful bourbon undertones come through in the finish. Makes your taste buds squeal with delight.

  • ABV: 12.4%
  • IBUs: 70
  • RateBeer Rating: 100
  • Beer Advocate Rating: 100


Buy Founders CBS | Canadian Breakfast Stout | FRI 12/01 & SAT 12/02

The rumors are true… Vermont is SCHEDULED to get Founders CBS – Canadian Breakfast Stout!

Rest assured, we want you to have the best information and we want to get the beer out to the people as quickly as possible!

Here is EVERYTHING we know:

Friday 12/01 – Sold out!  It lasted until 12:30 PM!!

Saturday 12/02 – 10 am release!  One (1) bottle to the first 24 people in line.  WE CANNOT GUESS HOW EARLY YOU NEED TO ARRIVE TO BE ONE OF THE FIRST 24 PEOPLE IN LINE 🙂

One (1) per person, $22.99/750ml


Q:  Can a bottle be saved for me?  I can bring something to trade!
A:  We cannot save any bottles, it is first come, first served.  Also, we cannot trade any beers in our store.

Q:  How much is going to be released Friday?
A:  We don’t know until the truck arrives and won’t have time to post online exactly how much is going out.  We want to get it out for sale ASAP!

Q:  Who else is getting it?
A:  We are not sure , however you can increase your chances by checking out Founders beer finder: https://foundersbrewing.com/find-our-beer/

Q:  How long will it last after the release?
A:  We believe demand will exceed supply and there will be nothing left after we open boxes and start handing out beer.

Q:  How many bottles can I buy?
A:  CBS is a 750ml bottle (unlike KBS which is a 12oz 4pk) and the limit is one (1) 750ml bottle per person who is aged 21+ years and can provide identification.

Q:  How can I get more than one bottle?
A:  Bring as many friends, husbands, wives, etc. that are over 21!  You can pay for all the bottles at the same time if that is best for you.  During the release, we will be handing out one (1) bottle to each person in line while they last.

Q:  What does it cost?
A:  $22.99 / 750ml bottle

Q:  Can you message me when the truck arrives?
A:  We cannot message, call, or email anyone – we’ll be too busy trying to get beer out for all of the people waiting for it 🙂

Q:  How can I get more information?
A:  We hopefully covered known and unknown release times, limit, pricing, special favors, how long it will last, etc… please refer to questions above and if we didn’t cover something you think we should have, email us so we can respond and also add your question to our Q&A list to help other beer seekers!


From https://foundersbrewing.com/our-beer/cbs/


CBS was born when we stumbled upon some bourbon barrels that had previously housed maple syrup. We opted to put the same base beer as KBS, an imperialized version of Breakfast Stout, in the maple barrels and, after one taste, we knew we had something special. Rich maple syrup, roasted coffee and velvety chocolate meld together in what can only be described as a transcendental drinking experience.

  • ABV: 11.7%
  • RateBeer Rating: 100
  • Availability: December


Lawson’s Fayston Maple Stout | Sip of Sunshine | Super Session 8 | FRI 10/27 & SAT 10/28

“Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist…”

Lawson’s Fayston Maple Imperial Stout, Sip of Sunshine, and Super Session #8 stock status:

Sip of Sunshine IPA Cans – $13.79/4pk

  • Friday 10/27 – 2 packs per person – Sold out 🙂
  • Saturday 10/28– 10a Release – 1 pack per person

Super Session #8 Cans –

  • In stock! 🙂

Bottles:  Fayston Maple Imperial Stout | $15.99

  • Friday 10/27 – 1 per person – Sold out 🙂
  • Saturday 10/28– 10a Release – 1 per person to at least the first 36 people in line

From lawsonsfinest.com:

Fayston Maple Imperial Stout

 This seasonal specialty is brewed with organic pale malt and almost two gallons of VT maple syrup per barrel. This cellar aged brew is a huge, rich, and strong stout with a maple twist and is deceivingly drinkable. Designed to keep you warm on sub-zero nights and for sipping with a fine meal or dessert.  ABV: 10.1%

 Limits are per person of consumption age,
prices do not include VT tax/deposit.sdes-Lawsons Final Banner

Left Hand Brewing | Drink Light or Dark – You Decide

Summer is here and with it comes a seasonal shift in wine and beer consumption habits.

Whether you explore the light or dark side of beer during the summer, Left Hand is a brewery that has got you covered.

When I hear “I don’t drink stout in the summer”, I ask them if they drink iced coffee.  Most people say they do which gives me the chance to offer them an excuse to drink dark beers.

Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout is a beer built for year round drinking.  Wonderfully balanced, smooth, and not hot ‘n boozy, this is a beer you can and should drink all year round.

There is no technical ‘summer stout’ style yet, but if there was, Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout would be one of the first beers I would put in that category.

Burgers, BBQ’s, relaxing at night under the stars next to a campfire… they all pair well with Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout.

Read more about nitro beers

If you’re looking for a refreshing beer during the a hot day, Left Hand Travelin’ Light Kolsch is a most excellent choice.

Travelin’ Light cans travel very well – beach, hiking, festivals, and it won’t dry you out like a big and boozy hop bomb.

Crispy, refreshing, Travlin’ Light Kolsch pairs well with light summer fare like fish taco’s, fresh corn salad, and grilled lemon chicken.

Pour hard, drink well! (pour the nitro stout hard, not kolsch)

– Jason

Tech info ripped from lefthandbrewing.com, pics are from the Bevie:

Travelin’ Light -Golden, crisp, dry and refreshing with herbal hops.

  • Collection: Perennial
  • Style: Kolsch-Style Ale
  • Color: Golden
  • Body: light
  • ABV: 4.8%
  • IBU’s: 22
  • Malt: Pale 2-row, Vienna, Acidulated
  • Hops: Willamette, Mount Hood


Milk Stout Nitro – Super Smooth With Soft Roastiness And Mocha Flavors.

Taking America Back. Dark & delicious, America’s great milk stout will change your perception about what a stout can be. Pouring hard out of the bottle, Milk Stout Nitro cascades beautifully, building a tight, thick head like hard whipped cream. The aroma is of brown sugar and vanilla cream, with hints of roasted coffee. The pillowy head coats your upper lip and its creaminess entices your palate. Initial roasty, mocha flavors rise up, with slight hop & roast bitterness in the finish. The rest is pure bliss of milk chocolate fullness.

  • Collection: Perennial
  • Style: Sweet Stout
  • Color: Black, 47 SRM
  • Body: full
  • ABV: 6%
  • IBU’s: 25
  • PLATO: 15.5°
  • Malt: Pale 2-row, Crystal, Munich, Roasted Barley, Flaked Oats, Flaked Barley and Chocolate
  • Hops: Magnum and US Goldings
  • Other: Lactose

Lawson’s Coffee Fayston Maple Imperial Stout | Sip of Sunshine IPA | Super Session | FRI 03/10 & SAT 03/11

Lawson’s Fayston Maple Imperial Stout, Sip of Sunshine, and Super Session #2 stock status:

Sip of Sunshine IPA Cans – $13.79/4pk

  • Friday 03/10 – 2 packs per person – Few cases left 🙂
  • Saturday 03/11– 10a Release – 1 per person

Super Session Cans –

  • $21.99/12pk | $10.99/6pk – In stock! 🙂

Bottles:  Coffee Fayston Maple Imperial Stout | $15.99

  • Friday 03/10 – 1 per person – Sold out 🙂
  • Saturday 03/11– 10a Release – 1 per person to at least the first 36 people