Lawson’s Fayston Maple Stout | Sip of Sunshine | Super Session 8 | FRI 10/27 & SAT 10/28

“Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist…”

Lawson’s Fayston Maple Imperial Stout, Sip of Sunshine, and Super Session #8 stock status:

Sip of Sunshine IPA Cans – $13.79/4pk

  • Friday 10/27 – 2 packs per person – Sold out 🙂
  • Saturday 10/28– 10a Release – 1 pack per person

Super Session #8 Cans –

  • In stock! 🙂

Bottles:  Fayston Maple Imperial Stout | $15.99

  • Friday 10/27 – 1 per person – Sold out 🙂
  • Saturday 10/28– 10a Release – 1 per person to at least the first 36 people in line


Fayston Maple Imperial Stout

 This seasonal specialty is brewed with organic pale malt and almost two gallons of VT maple syrup per barrel. This cellar aged brew is a huge, rich, and strong stout with a maple twist and is deceivingly drinkable. Designed to keep you warm on sub-zero nights and for sipping with a fine meal or dessert.  ABV: 10.1%

 Limits are per person of consumption age,
prices do not include VT tax/deposit.sdes-Lawsons Final Banner