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Growler Bar Updates | 06/17/2016


As of 06/17/2016, here is what’s on tap at the Beverage Warehouse Growler Bar:




  • Idletyme Danube Blueberry Weizen | 5.5% ABV | $13.99 64oz / $7.99 32oz – Blueberry Bavarian Weizen from our friends of at Idletyme Brewing in Stowe.  Not available in bottles.
  • Lost Nation Mosaic IPA | 5.5% ABV | 65 IBU’s | $5.99 32oz / $9.99 64oz – Hazy, juicy, delicious VT IPA of the non-double type which means you can comfortably have a couple!
  • Rock Art Grapefruit IPA | 7.4% ABV | $8.99 64oz / $4.99 32oz – Fresh grapefruit IPA from our friends at Rock Art!  Not available in bottles or cans – just kegs!
  • Light in the Window Burlington Beer Co | 5.9% ABV | 40 IBU’s $9.99 64oz / $5.99 32oz –  A crispy Rye IPA brewed with barley and rye. Densely hopped and bursting with grapefruit hop flavors to compliment the soft and spicy nature of rye. BBC balanced the soft malt profile with a fresh and aggressive hop flavor.
  • Maine Beer Mean Old Tom | 6.5% ABV | $17.99 64oz / $9.99 32oz – Stout aged on organic vanilla beans
  • L.S.D. | Lompoc Brewing (OR) | 6.9% ABV | 58 IBU’s | $7.99 32oz / $13.99 64oz – LSD [LOMPOC SPECIAL DRAFT] This dark mahogany brew has a touch of smoke in the nose and is rich and complex with notes of candied dark fruit , toasted malt and dark chocolate that lead to a smooth, dry finish.Draft only, we only received one keg, once it is gone, it is gone.


Zero Gravity Brewing Conehead 6 packs

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Zero Gravity Conehead cans!


These tidy 6 packs of local IPA pack a wallop of flavor at only a 5.9% ABV.


Get yours whilst you can, these aluminum packs of hoppy goodness won’t last long!

Conehead IPA – Zero Gravity Craft Brewery | American IPA | 5.70% ABV
$10.99/6pk per person


From http://www.zerogravitybeer.com :

Conehead India Pale Ale:
Our single hop wheat IPA, brewed with all Citra hops. Lighter in color and lower in a.b.v. than a typical American IPA, this beer has just the right amount of hop flavor and aroma. Completely satisfyingly awesome in its crispiness and well-rounded hopaliciousness. This beer might just be your Rushmore.