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Maquam As You Are

At long last, tastings are back here at the Bevie! To kick things off, we will be hosting Maquam Winery this coming Friday, 7/16 from 3PM-6PM. Stop in for a swirl of their sumptuous fruit wines and a little chat with Connie to find out just how they do it in Milton.

Tasting 7/16 | 3PM – 6PM

All tasting participants must be 21 years of age or older.

Das Ist Wunderbar!

After far too long away, it is finally time to once again explore the Wunderkammer! In the words of the founder, Vasilios Gletsos:

Wunderkammer Biermanufaktur is the evolution of a side project started back in 2016. The new facility and brewhouse was built last year on a farm in Albany, Vermont, and features a copper, wood-fired kettle and a coolship. The cellar is a former cheese cave where I ferment and age the beers in a combination of oak and stainless steel vessels. Local products, foraged ingredients and traditional, low-intervention, processes characterize my brewing philosophy which is inspired by the nature around us and the agrarian roots of brewing.

Fig. 1 – This is a wheat beer made with spring water and Vermont grown grains and hops. It’s a mixed-culture beer, meaning it has been fermented by multiple yeast strains, including standard ale strains, brettanomyces, and bacteria. This contributes a wider variety of fermentation character that range from fruity to funky to herbal and earthy, as well as dry out the beer of residual sugar. After primary fermentation in a stainless steel tank and conditioning in an oak Puncheon, the beer was lightly dry hopped with more Vermont hops.

In order to help get this beer to as many of you beautiful people as possible, we will be spreading our release over today(Thursday 6/17), Friday, and Saturday. Bottles will be released when we open at 10AM on each day. Danke Schoen!

Fig. 1 | 500mL Bottle | $9.99

*Limit Two(2) Bottles Per Person, Per Day*

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Surfari Weekend

Real strong showing from the Foam crew to get your holiday weekend going the right way. Some familiar favorites and fresh creations to help you make it happen. Let’s have some fun out there!

4-Pack Single
 Block Print – Strawberry Vanilla  $  17.99  $    4.85
 The Fruit That Ate Itself  $  15.99  $    4.55
 Built to Spill  $  17.99  $    5.10
 Like Clockwork  $  17.99  $    5.10
 Galaxie 500  $  19.99  $    5.65
 Odd Pets S2021A (DIPA)  $  19.99  $    5.40
 Wipeout Beat  $  19.99  $    5.65

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Feelin’ Rosy

It is most definitely Rosé season here at the Bevie. We’d be cool with a declaration of permanent Rosé season, but with the weather making a happy turn for the balmy, this is definitely the time to break out the pink wines, and we’ve got you covered.

From Provence to Piedmont, Santa Barbara to Stellenbosch, Tupungato to Tavel, Beaujolais to Barnard, stop in to do a little vine globetrotting and try something fresh, be it from around the corner, or around the world!

Colour Me Leafy

Yet another stunning release from Freak Folk is here!

  • Primordia II was brewed in July 2019, fermented in oak puncheons with mixed culture.
      • $18.99 | 750mL Bottle
  • Colour Haze was brewed in May 2020, fermented in stainless steel with mixed culture and conditioned on freshly picked whole cone Centennial hops from Champlain Valley hops.
      • $21.99 | 750mL Bottle

No reservations, this release will be split between tomorrow(Thursday, 4/15) and Friday, 4/16. Bottles will be out for sale when we open at 10AM on each day.

**Limit 2 Bottles of Each Per Person, Per Day**

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.