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Broc Cellars | Love Red Wine


Luscious and craveable, Broc Cellars Love Red wine delights our customers from vintage to vintage with this alluring red blend.

Specializing in “site specific” wines from biodynamically  grown grapes and minimal intervention, Chris Brockway is a winemaker from whom we buy every drop of wine we can.

Broc Love Red is a wine you can easily enjoy by itself, or at the table with flank steak and roasted potatoes, butternut soup, fried chicken, pork tacos, BLTs, burgers… it is quite versatile (and delicious!)

In the summer, you can even give it just a hint of a chill to enjoy during the warm weather.

Next time you need a new wine to try or a wine gift for under $20, snag a bottle of Broc Cellars Love Red. You won’t be disappointed!

Broc Cellars | Love Red Blend | 2016 | $17.99 / 750ml



From broccellars.com:


  • VARIETAL: 54% Carignan, 31% Syrah, 15% Valdiguié
  • VINEYARD: Wirth Ranch, Parenti and Frei Vineyard
  • LOCATION: Solano County, Green Valley
  • ALCOHOL: 13%
  • TOTAL PRODUCTION: 3600 cases

VITICULTURAL AREA: The grapes come from 50 to 70 year-old vines in Solano County’s Green Valley. This area is tucked between Napa and Suisun Valley. Syrah comes from Parenti and Wirth Ranch. Valdiguie comes from Parenti, Wirth and Frei Vineyard. Carignan comes from Frei and Parenti Vineyard. The grapes of each vineyard grow in clay loam soils and come from dry-farmed and head-
pruned vines. Our wines are made naturally, meaning no use of inoculated yeasts or bacteria. We use only native yeast to spark fermentation. We do not add any powdered tannins or enzymes.



WINEMAKER’S NOTES: The fifth bottling of Love Red’s grapes were harvested in the second week of September to preserve the grape’s natural acidity. The Carignan and Syrah were 100% destemmed and fermented in stainless steel tanks. The Valdiguié went under carbonic fermentation in stainles steel. Aged for 8 months in neutral French Oak barrels and blended before bottling.



30 Days of Rosé | #03 | Broc Cellars | Love Rosé Blend | 2016

Broc Cellars | Love Rosé Blend 2016 at the Beverage Warehouse, VT

30 Days of Rosé at the Beverage Warehouse continues!

     We are most delighted to highlight Broc Cellars in this edition.  Broc Cellars (CA) is one of those wineries in which we buy all the wine we can as we are allowed.


     Chris is known for crafting unique, delicious wines from varietals you may not have heard of but are friendly to any palate.  Our Broc Cellars offerings greatly expand and contract throughout the season so be sure to ask for us to point out any specialties from Broc we might momentarily have.


#03 Broc Cellara |Love Rosé | Blend | 2016 | 750ml | $17.99

From broccellars.com:

Chris Brockway | Winemaker + Owner

Broc Cellars was nothing more than an idea not that long ago, an idea about making wines that were “site specific.” Where the wines’ true character came from using only organically or biodynamically grown grapes from areas that most would consider marginal. Believing that vineyards develop ‘true’ character and complexity when they have to struggle to survive. In the cellar we try to continue this practice using minimal intervention, in an effort to let the grapes speak for themselves.

Broc Cellars | Love Rosé Blend | 2016

  • VARIETALS: 70% Valdiguié, 20% Zinfandel, 10% Sauzao
  • VINEYARDS: 10,000 Buddhas (Valdiguié), Arrowhead Mountain (Zinfandel), Fox Hill (Sauzao).
  • LOCATION: “North Coast” – Mendocino + Sonoma County
  • ALCOHOL: 11.8%
  • TOTAL PRODUCTION: 933 cases


The fruit was destemmed and then pressed into stainless steel. All 3 varietals fermented together just over 30 days. The wine was bottled at the beginning of the year. It has high aromatics with juicy watermelon notes for easy drinking. Color comes from the Sauzao, spice from the Zinfandel and acidity from the Valdiguié.


Both the 10,000 Buddhas and Fox Hill vines grow on sandy loam. Fox Hill delivers rustic fruit and is about 20 years old. The vines from 10,000 Buddhas are 90% organic and 60 years old. Arrowhead Vineyard is non-certified organic, 20 years old and on volcanic rock.

All of our wines are made naturally, meaning no use of inoculated yeasts or bacteria. We use only native yeast to spark fermentation. We do not add any powdered tannins or enzymes. A minimal dose of S02 is added 4 weeks before bottling to some wines.