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No Place Like Foam

That crew down by the lakefront just can’t stop, won’t stop. Fresh batch from Foam delivered this morning with all kinds of flavors to get psyched about. No limits, we’ll see you soon.

Four packs:

  • Distopian Dream Girl – $16.99
  • Pavement – $19.99
  • Cojito (collab w/Equilibrium) – $20.99
  • #1 Hit Jam – $20.99
  • Odd Pets 012021A (West Coast IPA) – $16.99

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

Holiday Hours

  • Wednesday 12/23
    • Store  10A – 9P
    • Redemption  10A – 5:30P
  • Thursday 12/24
    • Store  9A – 5:30P
    • Redemption  10A – 2P
  • Friday 12/25
    • CLOSED
  • Saturday 12/26
    • Store  10A – 8P
    • Redemption  10A – 4:30P
  • Sunday 12/27
    • Store  11A – 6P
    • Redemption  CLOSED
  • 12/28-12/30
    • Store  10A – 9P
    • Redemption  10A – 5:30P
  • Thursday 12/31
    • Store  10A – 10P
    • Redemption  10A – 5:30P
  • Friday 1/1
    • Store  10A – 4P
    • Redemption  CLOSED

Happy Holidays!

Let’s Get Freak-y

We’ve got a fresh drop for all your gift giving (or, more likely, personal drinking)needs from the wizards over at Freak Folk. Surround Yourself, brewed back in March of 2019(ahh, simpler times) is a mixed culture ale fermented in stainless, conditioned on VT blueberries, Tahitian vanilla, and second use peaches. Tumbleweeds, from September of ’19, mixes that culture as well, and is brewed with spelt and fermented in wine barrels. Get in quick, because, despite the limits, these will not last!

  • Surround Yourself | 375ml  – $19.99
  • Tumbleweeds | 750ml – $21.99

**Limit One(1) Bottle of Each, Per Person, Per Day**

A Matter of Perspective

That little guy on the far right? That’s a full size 750mL bottle of Veuve Clicquot. When we prep for celebration season here at the Bevie, we do it big! Maybe now isn’t quite the right time for the whole crew to get together and help you tackle one of these beasts, but we all hope that better days are on the horizon, and when that time comes, give us a call, we’ll have you covered!

The Very Finest of Liquids

Nothing better than a sexy beer release to kickstart the weekend! The wizards at Lawson’s Finest have sent us just that, with their Mad River Distillers collaboration, a batch of the famous Fayston Maple Stout, aged in PX Rum Sherry casks. You won’t want to miss this one.

500mL Bottle – $14.99 +VT tax/deposit

*Limit 2 Bottles per Person*

Thanksgiving Weekend Hours

  • Wednesday   

    • Store – 10A – 9P
        • Redemption – 10A – 5:30P
  • Thursday   

    • Store – CLOSED
        • Redemption – CLOSED
  • Friday

    • Store – 10A – 8P
        • Redemption – 10A – 3P
  • Saturday

    • Store – 10A – 9P
        • Redemption – 10A – 4:30P

Happy Thanksgiving from the Bevie Family to You and Yours