Little Wolf | Zero Gravity

little-wolf-zero-gravityZero Gravity Little Wolf Pale Ale cans now out for sale!

We are delighted to share this local beer, expertly crafted by our friends at Zero Gravity.  Get it while you can… who knows how long the wolf will be howling in our store!




American Pale Ale
Named for the translation of the hop plant species, “Humulus Lupulus”, this Pale Ale was brewed with oats and features Horizon and Citra Hops.

  • Style:  American Pale Ale
  • Malt:  Pale, Munich II, Oats, Pale Crystal
  • Hops:  Horizon, Citra, Cascade, Mosaic.
  • Yeast:  House Ale
    Appearance:  Deep gold – Pale amber
  • IBU’s:  40
  • ABV:  4.7%
  • OG:  12.9º Plato