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A Fountain of Gueuze

After much ado and a bit of mystery, we are thrilled to say that we have finally received a fresh drop from the barons of blend, Drie Fonteinen! Today’s delivery even included a few items we have not seen for many moons. Full availability and pricing below, but better make it quick, before any of the 3 Fountains run dry!

Beer Vintage(s) Blend No.(s) Size(mL) Price
Oude Gueuze 18, 19 43, 37 375  $ 12.49
Oude Gueuze 18, 19 44, 3 750  $ 23.99
Oude Kriek 19, 20 32, 35 375  $ 15.99
Oude Kriek 20 46 750  $ 29.99
Hommage Bio Frambozen 18 54 750  $ 57.99
Cuvée Armand & Gaston 17, 18 56, 26, 81 375  $ 15.99
Cuvée Armand & Gaston 17, 18 57, 17, 77 750  $ 29.99
Golden Blend 20 31 750  $ 49.99
Framboos Oogst 19 115 750  $ 64.99
Intens Rood 20 77 375  $ 22.99
Intens Rood 20 79 750  $ 44.99
Hommage 20 72 375  $ 26.99
Hommage Oogst 19 111 750  $ 57.99

Pricing does not include VT tax or deposit.

Cherry Beer List


Cherry… kriek… cerise… no matter how you say it, cherry beer is a popular flavor in beer.


Mouth puckering cherry popping bright and tart, or rich and candied sweet, cherries in beer is varied and popular.

I recently had a customer asking for a list of what cherry beers we have in stock so instead of compiling and emailing the cherry beer list to a single person, I decided to share it with everyone.

Our stock of cherry beer (and everything else!) at the Bevie is always changing, many of these are seasonals, one-offs, special orders, etc. and new, different cherry brews will be rolling through our store as time goes by.

Below is a list of what we have in stock as of 17-AUG-16, if you have any questions about how certain brews are, ask and we’ll give you a most delicious tour!

– Jason


United States – Vermont:

  • Burlington Beer Co. | Echo Chamber Cherry Porter
  • Havoc | Psychopomp (sour cherry mead)
  • Idletyme | Cherry Kolsch


United States:

  • Southern Tier | Cherry Gose
  • Victory Kirsch | Gose
  • Cascade | Kriek
  • Kentucky Ale | Old Fashioned – Barrel Aged Ale w/ Cherry, Orange Peel, & Bitters



  • Alvinne | Kerasus
  • Hanssens | Oude Kriek Handeplukte Schaerbeekse Krieken
  • Hanssens | Oude Kriek Lambic
  • ‘t Hofbrouwerijke | Anarkriek Belgian Dark Strong Ale w/ Cherries
  • Jacobins | Kriek de Jacobins
  • Kerkom | Kriek
  • Lindemans | Kriek Lambic
  • Mikkeller | Årh Hvad Belgian Pale Ale Cherry Wine Barrel Aged
  • Mort Sublte | Kriek Lambic
  • Slappmutske | Flemish Old Style Sour Kriek
  • St. Louis | Kriek Lambic
  • Verhaeghe | Ect Kriekenbier



  • Scires | Cherry 2006 Vintage


New Zealand:

  • Renaissance | Baltic Cherry Porter


Duchessic Ale Cantillon Lambic & Duchessa Blend


Duchessic Ale – A blend of Cantillon Lambic and Duchessa Saison

Saison / Farmhouse Ale | 5.3% ABV

$10.99  |  375ml

This will ONLY be sold at the January 22nd, 2016 tasting at the Beverage Warehouse.  First come, first served.  1 per person.


     A sort of “collaboration brew” with the famous Belgian brewery Brasserie Cantillon: an interesting experiment about spontaneous fermentations. The traditional Duchessa – spelt beer – has been cut with a 20% of one year old lambic from Brasserie Cantillon. The result is a unique beer that extraordinarily merges the lambic sharp and sour characteristics with the gentle notes of Duchessa. A real gem not to be missed, as the former version’s great success confirms.

Beersel Mattina – Multi Year 3 Fonteinen Lambic Blend


Beersel Mattina – 3 Fonteinen Lambic Multi-year Lambic / Saison blend  |  6.2% ABV

$29.99  |  750ml

Incredible Flavor & Incredibly Limited!

This beer drips with refinement and elegance.  One of the best Lambic’s you’ve never heard of!


A blend of New Morning and 18 month aged 3 Fonteinen Lambic refined for at least 12 months in bottle. Gorgeous citrus nose with hints of dried flowers and honey. Lasting and sapid in the mouth with a sour finish that always makes the lovers of this blend smile.

This beer could very well make you develop an addiction for spontaneous fermentation and turn your entire world upside down!

After a mechanical breakdown, 3 Fonteinen Brewery of Beersel (possibly the best Lambic blender in the world) had economic damage in the summer of 2009. The news caused such a stir in the International beer movement that I called Armand to know how things were. As he needed to sell his Lambic, I immediately got inspired to blend our New Morning with his beer. We selected three 18 month old Lambic barrels that we siphoned in a small tank on our truck. The journey back was long and hard, myself and Manuel took turns driving through Belgium, France and Italy only stopping for gas. After days hand bottling and months of maturation, the outcome has gone over and beyond our expectations and we can say with pride that it was worth it!