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Four Quarters Five Horizons | Four Quarters Morning Sun

Drink Winooski Beer!

We are most enthused to announce the arrival of fresh beer from our local pals over at Four Quarters!

Brewmaster-friend Brian has been busy brewing and we have:

  • Four Quarters | Five Horizons | 5.6% ABV | Pale Ale brewed with five grains and five hops.
  • Four Quarters | Morning Sun | 9% ABV | Imperial Milk Stout brewed with lactose, coffee beans, and cold brew.

4pk 16oz | $16.99 | plus tax/deposit



Westbrook | Evil Twin | Mini Growler Imperial Stout


Another special Waking Windows drop!


1 per person, per day

  • Westbook Brewing Co. / Evil Twin Brewing
  • Mini Growler Imperial Stout
  • 10.5% ABV
  • Bottle info:
    “Any store or bar or whatever who wants to do this is of course at risk of getting in trouble but for most they feel the reward out weighs the risk”