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Star Trek Beer | 50 Golden Anniversary Ale | The Trouble with Tribbles


Warp or beam over to the Beverage Warehouse to fill your cargo bay with Star Trek 50 Golden Anniversary Ale – The Trouble with Tribbles!

There is only one batch NO. 1 and we have it in stock.



Beer is about pleasure and enjoyment.  Star Trek beer offers a playful, nostalgic buzz for your cranium and because it is not as strong a a Vulcan Ale… “Dammit Jim”, you can have a couple without having to visit Bones.  Just maintain the Prime Directive so you and others Live Long and Prosper.


  • Star Trek 50 | Golden Anniversary Ale | The Trouble with Tribbles
  • Batch NO. 1
  • American Golden Ale
  • 5% ABV
  • $8.99/4pk
  • Limited Availability


Burlington Beer Co. Triumphant Belgian Golden Ale

We are blessed with more bottles from our friends at Burlington Beer Co.!


  • Burlington Beer Co. – Triumphant Belgian Style Golden Ale

  • ABV:  10%

  • Size:  750ml

  • Brewed:  November, 2015

  • Style:  Hybrid Golden Ale

  • Hops:
    –  Columbus | Bittering | Dank
    –  Cascade | Flavor Grapefruit
    –  New Zealand Rakau | Aroma | Peach
    –  Mandarina Bavaria | Aroma | Mandarin

  • Malt:
    –  American Pilsner Malt 60%
    –  American White Wheat Malt 25%
    –  Flaked Rice 15%

  • Yeast:  French origin Saison yeast

  • Misc:  Brewed with Vermont grown white Frontenac grapes from Fresh Tracks Winery & Vineyard

  • About Triumphant:
    Strange things are afoot here at the brewery.  In celebration of the New Year, we have created a “Champagne” inspired beer fermented with Saison yeast from France and white Frontenac grapes grown in Vermont.  Brewed with barley, wheat, and flaked rice, Triumphant is a beer that defies style.  From everyone here at the brewery, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year.  Be excellent to each other.

  • Price:  $12.99

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