Bevie’s Whistlepig PiggyBack Barrel Pick

Whistlepig PiggyBack
112.3 Proof
6 Year
100% Rye Whiskey
Aged in American Oak

In the brisk days of February, George & Shon journeyed down to Whistlepig on an important mission for the Bevie: to select our very first Barrel pick that, from start to finish, is created entirely in Vermont! This Rye is grown in our home soil, then harvested, distilled, aged, bottled, and hand labeled here.

On the nose is candy bar of toffee and coconut mingled with demerara sugar-coated hazelnuts(This piggy is of Iberico heritage!).

With the first hit of flavor… wait, is this Rum?
Then, the Rye seduces the palate with white pepper, herbaceous green clover, and heathered honey; it’s just beautiful.
The finish is a warm, viscous hug that stays with you like one from your favorite relative.

The value this bottling provides for $54.99 is truly phenomenal. We are so honored to be the first store ever to feature a single barrel pick of 100% Vermont made — grown, distilled, and aged — bottle by Whistlepig.

On the label, we wanted to invoke something special in people’s thoughts about the beauty of growth to harvest.
SG is the initials of our two Bevie crew members that toiled to bring you this goodness.

Solas an Domhain:

Spring Equinox | Alban Eilir | Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (

“As the Sun grows warmer, so life begins to show through the soil. Small signs at first – the daffodils and crocuses – then more green as the bluebells and wood anemones spread through the woodland. Plants are seen by some as inanimate greenery with no actual feelings and life force. But Druids see life in all living things, from rocks and stones, to rivers and springs, plants and trees – all life is sacred. Have you ever thought about how you recognise the beginning of Spring? Is it the plant life? The weather? How does a plant know when it is time to grow? The Spring Equinox falls on the 19th, 20th, or 21st of March each year. But a plant cannot tell the time or see a calendar. Yet it knows. If it has senses, then it has consciousness, if it has consciousness then it is more than an inanimate life form. So it is the return of life to the Earth that is celebrated at Alban Eilir, the time of balance.”