Groennfell Meadery | Havoc Mead | Tasting | FRI Nov. 10th 5-7p

Delicious days abound at the Bevie!

Pop over Friday, November 10th from 5-7p and meet the local, magical-mead-makers… Groennfell Meadery & Havoc Mead!

~ Mead Menu ~

Valkyrie’s Choice – Classic Craft Mead | Groennfell Meadery | 8.5% ABV – Gluten Free

This mead may be pretty, but don’t be fooled: like its namesake, it is neither sweet nor weak. Valkyrie’s Choice pours pale gold and bubbly. Serve at cellar temperature to fully enjoy the superb flavor and aroma of wildflower honey.

Nordic Farmhouse Mead – Scandinavian Saison-Style Mead Brewed with Cranberries | Groennfell Meadery | 5.7% ABV – Gluten Free

Nordic Farmhouse Mead is inspired by The Meadmaker’s travels throughout Scandinavia where he discovered traditional lingonberry meads fermented with wild yeast, brewed in homes throughout Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, just as it has been since the Viking Era.

Our take on this ancient beverage is an incredible fusion of old-world brewing techniques, Scandinavian farmhouse yeast, and American ingredients.

Autumn Spice – Craft Mead Brewed with Traditional Havest Spices and Chamomile Tea | Groenfell Meadery | 5.7% ABV – Gluten Free

Autumn Spice is based on Nana’s Hungarian Apple Cake, with a perfect balance of chamomile tea, nutmeg, anise, and cinnamon in a crisp, clean mead.

Whose Nana? The Meadmaker’s Nana! And she was a Hungarian-trained chef. So there.

This is the perfect pint for cool Autumn days and the first flakes of the coming Winter.

Psychopomp – Sour Cherry Mead | Havoc Mead | 6.9% ABV – Gluten Free

Psychopomp is a sour cherry mead based on a traditional style of mead known as “Viking’s Blood.” Tart cherry blends smoothly with a dry honey body for a balanced, flavorful drinking experience.

Bitter Bee / Hop Swarm – Hopped Mead | Havoc Mead | 6.9% ABV – Gluten Free

Formerly known as Bitter Bee, Hop Swarm is a perfect combination of wildflower honey and seven different hops to create a balanced, crushable mead.

Unlike most beverages, the hops in this mead are never boiled, providing the complex taste of dry-hopping with none of the bitterness.

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