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Wunderkammer Bier | Vol 11 | Ghost Pipes

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Wunderkammer Bier Vol 11 | Ghost Pipes in our independent store.

Wunderkammer Bier increasingly sells quicker upon each delivery, so snag your bottle whilst you are able.

$9.99/375ml | $49.99/1.5ltr
(plus tax/deposit)

From Vasilios:


Ghost Pipes, volume eleven. This beer has a very simple malt profile with some earthy home grown Newport hops in the whirlpool. The beer was then fermented on the lees (re:mixed culture yeast) from Bufo (vol 9), in oak. The goal was to bring forward some of the earthy-ness from the Bufo and hops into a simple and elegant wild ale. The result is a delicate mushroomy beer with herbal accents.

Ghost Pipe, Monotropa Uniflora, (aka Indian Pipe, Corpse Plant) is a type of herbaceous perennial plant found in the forests around us. It produces no chlorophyll, instead is a parasite, living on mostly fungus that grow symbiotically with trees. No Ghost Pipes were used in making this beer. it is instead a appreciation of the beauty and rarity of coming across these plants in the forest, as well as a reference to the method used to create this beer. It liteterally grew on a substrate of a beer made with fungi, extracting that flavor into it.



Wunderkammer Bier | Volume Two – Bufo

Wunderkammer Bier | Volume Two – Bufo

Ale brewed with lichen, mushrooms, some sticks and leaves, as well as other typical materials.  Fermented in an oak barrel.
375ml | $9.99

From brewer/owner Vasili:

What is a Wunderkammer?

The word roughly translates into ‘curiosity cabinet’ in German, and describes a contained collection of art, artifacts and specimens. It was like a personal museum for fascinating objects from nature, human history or other endeavor. This is where the aesthetic of the natural history museums and art galleries originated.

Why Wunderkammer?

Like it’s namesake, I attempt to bring together a collection of beers that is based on my curiosity and fascination with the world. Like our experience in the world, each beer is a one time only event, produced in small batches.

My goal?

Create great beers that are unique experiences. Collaborate with friends. Go on walks and see stuff. Grow a garden full of things. Have fun and be creative.

Volume two, bufo

The word is from the Latin name for all amphibians in the toad family (Bufonidae) ‘true toads’. I chose this name after the small toads I see hopping around in lawns and forests, blending in with the pinecones and dried leaves until they have to jump out from underfoot!

My goal was to make a beer that tasted like a Fall walk in the woods; chilly but bright, rich and earthy, dry and delicate.

I picked reindeer lichen and turkey tail mushrooms from woods around my house and other well trod paths, and mashed and boiled them with a light smoked amber wheat base. For beer-geek points, I made a base beer loosely based on Gratzer, a defunct Polish smokey, sour style of wheat beer.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance- copper/orange
  • Aroma- floral, rose, earth
  • Flavor- bight herbal notes with complex smoke and malt flavor
  • Mouthfeel- dry and tart with malt nuance
  • Alcohol content is low

Wunderkammer Bier | 403 Hill Rd., Greensboro Bend, VT 05842

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