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Opal | Firestone Walker


Opal Farmhouse Ale –
Opal is an unfiltered interpretation of the classic saisons that originated from the 18th century farmhouses of southern Belgium’s Wallonia region. In true agrarian beer fashion, Opal is loaded with rustic grains and spicy Belgian yeastiness, with a hazy namesake opalescence in the glass. Into this mix comes a dimension of dry-­‐hopped brightness, layering in notes of fragrant citrus and tropical fruit. The result is a rootsy, rustic saison that brings down the farmhouse, merging Belgian tradition with West Coast style.  

Beer Information –

  • ABV: 7.5%
  • IBU: 35
  • COLOR: 4 SRM
  • MALTS: Weyermann Pilsner, Malted and Unmalted Wheat
  • HOPS: Styrian Golding, Amarillo, Hallertau Blanc (Dry Hop)