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Fresh Frost Beer Works!

Here is the delivery info for this week:

Lush Double IPA | Bottle Info: Tropical Lush Juice 02/21/2017 | $6.89

A Likely Lad iPA | Research Series | Bottle Info:  A dry-hopped little guy with a slightly different lineage.  The lad is amiable and easygoing, but he can get a bit cheeky sometimes.  | The most likely lad Bottled on 02/28/2017 | $5.99

Coffee Porter | Research Series | A robust porter with roast character from dark malt and Frost Bean Works coffee beans.  Beans imported by our friends and Hacienda La Minita and roasted in house compliment a grain bill incorporating coffee malt to create a multi-layered experience.  | Coffee & Beer Pure Goodness Bottled on 03/01/2017 | $5.99

Junior iPA | $5.99

RPA Really Pale Ale | $5.89



Frost Beer Works | Double IPA | Rye IPA | Research Series


Our friends at Frost Beer Works dropped off a round of fresh, craveable beer… get it while you can!

Frost Beer Works | Double IPA | Research Series

Bottle Info:

This batch utilizes a process for recirculating Lush’s flavor and aroma hops. At Frost, we are dedicated to discovering methods for elevating the flavors and aromas in your glass.  Let’s raise a glass in the spirit of discovery. Cheers!

  • Batch #132
  • 10/12/2016
  • 70 IBU
  • 8% ABV
  • $6.89

Frost Beer Works | Rye IIPA | Research Series

Bottle Info:

A full-flavored IIPA with a dynamic hop profile and a malt backbone to support its weight.  This beer was hopped at every opportunity, from the mash tun to the fermentor.  The contribution of malted rye and a diverse variety of hops shape its distinctive, robust complexity with layer of citrus, pine, herbal, and spicy character.

  • 10/12/2016
  • 85 IBU
  • 9%ABV
  • $6.89


Frost Beer Works | Plush IPA | Really Pale Ale


Fresh Frost Beer Works Delivery

We have had multiple calls and online requests about the Frost Beer Works delivery this week of September 30th – October 1st.

Delivery occurred!

  • Plush: *** Limited Supply *** Frost Beer Works  Plush Double IPA – Research Series  – Lush like, dry hopped 2X – A double dry-hoppped DIPA with a soft mouthfeel and juciness reminiscent of stuffed animals and STP. “Where ya going tomorrow? “.  Plush Type Thing Enjoy Fresh Bottle date 09/28/2016 $6.89/650ml – 3 Bottles per person – in stock 🙂 
  • Really Pale Ale: A dry hopped blonde ale brewed with malted wheat. Its light body and bright, complex dry hop aromatics make it both highly refreshing and full of flavor. ABV: 5.5%, IBUs: 35