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Otter Creek Steampipe

otter-creek-steampipeOtter Creek Steampipe California Common has rolled on in… hop on the bus and snag this smooth, easy drinking, VT beer!

6% ABV  |  55 IBU’s

$10.99/6pk | $16.59/12pk

From Otter Creek:

    We burned the rulebooks, and when the smoke cleared we created this counter-culture interpretation of a California Common that’s dosed with juicy hop flavors.  Now available on draught and in 12oz. bottles. 

From Beer Advocate:

California Common / Steam Beer
     The California Common, or Steam Beer, is a unique 100% American style lager. It’s usually brewed with a special strain of lager yeast that works better at warmer temperatures. This method dates back to the late 1800’s in California when refrigeration was a great luxury. The brewers back then had to improvise to cool the beer down, so shallow fermenters were used. So in a way the lager yeast was trained to ferment quicker at warmer temperatures. Today’s examples are light amber to tawny in color, medium bodied with a malty character. Mildly fruity with an assertive hop bitterness.

    Anchor Brewing Co. trademarked the term “Steam Beer” and as such all other beers must be legally referred to as “California Common.”

     Average alcohol by volume (abv) range: 4.0-6.0%