Unibroue Ephemere | Blueberry


Unibroue consistently provides us with delicious, Belgian style beers from just north of the border in Quebec!

One of the most popular beer adjuncts this summer is Blueberry. 

This summer, customers can’t seem to get enough of the refreshing tartness blueberries offer.

When blueberries are added to the low, 7 IBU Éphémère, it makes for one of the most cravable berry beers on the market and at only $5.99/750ml, one of the most affordable!

Unibroue Blueberry Éphémère –

From unibroue.com:

  • Origin:  Chambly, Quebec
  • Brewed since:  2016
  • ABV:  5.5%
  • Fermentation:  Top
  • Style:  White ale brewed with fruit
  • Color:  Reddish with purple hues
  • SRM:  4.5
  • Clarity:  Slightly cloudy
  • Head:  Pink and creamy
  • Bubbles:  Medium
  • Effervescence:  Sustained
  • Nose:  Wild berry aromas, citrus notes
  • Flavor:  Vivid blueberry flavor with a complementary acidity
  • IBU:  7