Growler Bar List | 07/08/16


Old beer, Windows, and printers got you raging?

We have the solution: kick back with some fresh beer from our growler bar!

Beers served off our growler bar are the freshest around… the beer doesn’t touch air when being filled which means your beer isn’t getting oxidized or corrupted before you put it in your mouth.

Current flow at the Beverage Warehouse Growler Bar:

  • Idletyme Cherry Kolsch | 5.5% ABV | $13.99 64oz / $7.99 32oz – Refreshing Kolsch from our friends of at Idletyme Brewing in Stowe.  Not available in bottles.
  • Lost Nation Mosaic IPA | 5.5% ABV | 65 IBU’s | $5.99 32oz / $9.99 64oz – Hazy, juicy, delicious VT IPA of the non-double type which means you can comfortably have a couple!
  • Rock Art Grapefruit IPA | 7.4% ABV | $8.99 64oz / $4.99 32oz – Fresh grapefruit IPA from our friends at Rock Art!  Not available in bottles or cans – just kegs!
  • Light in the Window Burlington Beer Co | 5.9% ABV | 40 IBU’s $10.99 64oz / $6.99 32oz –  A crispy Rye IPA brewed with barley and rye. Densely hopped and bursting with grapefruit hop flavors to compliment the soft and spicy nature of rye. BBC balanced the soft malt profile with a fresh and aggressive hop flavor.
  • Maine Beer Mean Old Tom | 6.5% ABV | $17.99 64oz / $9.99 32oz – Stout aged on organic vanilla beans
  • Zero Gravity Cascara Brown | 4.6.% ABV |  $5.99 32oz / $10.99 64oz – Brown ale with cascara coffee cherries – the husks of the coffee cherry where the bean originates before being roasted.  Draft only!