Burlington Beer Co Chunky Peanut Butter Porter

burlington-beer-co-chunkyburlington-beer-co-chunky-peanut-butter-porterBurlington Beer Co. Chunky has hit – Get your paws on this while you can!

Name:  Chunky

Availability:  Limited Release 2016

Size:  750ml

Price:  $13.69

Style:  Porter

ABV:  12%

Columbus | Bittering | Forest
Golding | Flavor / Aroma | Conifer Forest

Golden Promise 37%
Pilsner 33%
Flaked Oats 8%
Brown 8%
Crystal 45 6%
Melanoidin 4%
Pale Chocolate 4%

Misc.:  Organic Peanut Butter

Yeast:  American Ale Yeast

About Chunky:
   Peanut Butter is best enjoyed straight from the jar with a spoon or if no one is looking, your finger.  Instead please pour this nutty elixir into your favorite glass and enjoy.  Layers of roasted peanuts meet waves of chocolate and graham cracker malt flavors, eliciting fond memories of years past.

Bottom of the Bottle:
78  0,75l  ₩  3