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Wunderkammer Bier | Vol 11 | Ghost Pipes

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Wunderkammer Bier Vol 11 | Ghost Pipes in our independent store.

Wunderkammer Bier increasingly sells quicker upon each delivery, so snag your bottle whilst you are able.

$9.99/375ml | $49.99/1.5ltr
(plus tax/deposit)

From Vasilios:


Ghost Pipes, volume eleven. This beer has a very simple malt profile with some earthy home grown Newport hops in the whirlpool. The beer was then fermented on the lees (re:mixed culture yeast) from Bufo (vol 9), in oak. The goal was to bring forward some of the earthy-ness from the Bufo and hops into a simple and elegant wild ale. The result is a delicate mushroomy beer with herbal accents.

Ghost Pipe, Monotropa Uniflora, (aka Indian Pipe, Corpse Plant) is a type of herbaceous perennial plant found in the forests around us. It produces no chlorophyll, instead is a parasite, living on mostly fungus that grow symbiotically with trees. No Ghost Pipes were used in making this beer. it is instead a appreciation of the beauty and rarity of coming across these plants in the forest, as well as a reference to the method used to create this beer. It liteterally grew on a substrate of a beer made with fungi, extracting that flavor into it.



Abracadabra Coffee Co. | Tasting SAT 03/17 10a-1p

Join us St. Patrick’s Day from 10a-1p for a free Abracadabra single origin artisan cold brew coffee tasting to wake you up!

Locally brewed and crafted in Woodstock, VT, Abracadabra cold brew coffee is a wonderful addition to our extensive VT cold brew coffee / kombucha / sap water selection.

$3.99/can | $14.99/4pk


Abracadabra Cold Brew Coffee

Single Origin | Brazil Fazenda Vale De Lua

notes – caramel, dark chocolate, almond


Abracadabra Cold Brew Coffee

Single Origin | Ethiopia Aricha

notes – blackberry, lime, cherry


Read more at: https://www.abracadabracoffeeco.com/


Pow Pow DIPA | Trillium & Lawson’s Collaboration | Sip of Sunshine | Super Session 8 | FRI 03/02 & SAT 03/03

Pow Pow! Trillium & Lawson’s Double IPA is here!

Due to the extraordinarily limited supply of Pow Pow, our release schedule is:

  • 10 AM FRI 03/02One 4pk to the first 24 people – Sold out!
  • 10 AM SAT 03/03One can (think of it as a special bottle!) only to the first 24 people 🙂

Pow Pow | Trillium & Lawson’s Finest Liquids Collaboration | 8.5% ABV | Double IPA brewed with Lupulin Powder | $18.99/4pk $5.00/can

Sip of Sunshine DIPA | In stock!

Super Session #8 | In stock!


Limits are per person of consumption age,
prices do not include VT tax/deposit.

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