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Lollihops | Yakima Hop Candy

Hoppy deliciousness comes in many forms… not just beer!

We are pleased to now stock Lollihops, the hop candy made by Yakima Hop Candy out in Washington.  We keep a great variety of their candy in stock, let us know if you would like us to stock more of a specific flavor and we’ll get it in!



From yakimahopcandy.com:

LolliHops are infused with real hops grown right here in the Yakima Valley.  We make our candy the old-fashioned way, carefully crafted at a stove and hand-poured.  They are 1.5″ round on a 4.5″ paper stick, wrapped in a crisp sleeve and tied with a silver twist tie.  Hold LolliHops up to the light and see the beautiful hoppy droplets!  Lollipops aren’t just for kids anymore, although a kid or two has been known to love our LolliHops.  There’s no alcohol in them – just hops. They have a touch of hoppy bitterness that leaves you with a delicious lingering flavor like you just finished a great IPA.

Available in 14 flavors – the list changes up seasonally, but currently they are:

Lemon Shandy, Hopped Cider, Root Beer, Black Licorice, Blood Orange, Raspberry, Mango, Chili Lime, Irish Stout, Jasmine, Original, Peach Lavender, Honey Hefe, and Passion fruit.