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14th Star 11 Bravo | Josh Pallotta Fund | Make-A-Wish Beat The Winter Brews | 4:00p SAT 04/01/17 Release

Two beers are being deployed Saturday, April 1st with 100% of OUR PROFITS going to charities!


11 Bravo | 14th Star Brewing Co. | Golden Ale

11 Bravo can sales and Silent Auction donations will benefit the Josh Pallotta Fund, a charitable organization created to provide veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress an environment that fosters healing of the body, mind & spirit — incorporating resiliency, transition & reintegration tools to help them return to full & healthy lives.

Beat The Winter Brews | 14th Star Brewing Co. | Golden Lager

Supporting Beat The Winter Blues: an event to benefit Make-A-Wish Vermont:

We love supporting Make-A-Wish Vermont, a hearty thank you to all those who donated for the VT Beardies!