Слава Україні!

While we usually like to keep things light here at the Bevie and give you all the good news about the liquids that you love, it is critical to us, as people, to take time to reflect on the world around us, the effect the we have upon it, and the potential that we have to affect the systems that move that world. Like the rest of the globe, we have been disturbed and deeply saddened by the  events surrounding the invasion of Ukraine and the strife inflicted upon the Ukrainian people by forces beyond their control.

We support the state of Vermont’s decision to remove spirits imported directly from Russia from our shelves, and at this time we wish to take things a step further. This week, we will be donating the equivalent of 100% of our profits from the sales of all Russian-owned spirits brands since January 1, 2021, to Ukrainian humanitarian relief funds. While the support that we can provide to our brothers and sisters half a world away may seem small, we give it gladly, and in the hope that the rest of our community will join us in helping in whatever small ways that they can as well. Below is a short list of trusted aid organizations that we hope you can join us in supporting at this time. Any amount helps.

Ukrainian Red Cross: https://donate.redcrossredcrescent.org/ua/donate/~my-donation?_cv=1

Global Giving: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/ukraine-crisis-relief-fund/

UN High Commission for Refugees: https://donate.unhcr.org/int/en/general#_ga=2.234074967.857381019.1646513871-516306600.1646513871

International Rescue Committee: https://help.rescue.org/donate/ukraine-acq

World Central Kitchen: https://donate.wck.org/give/236738/#!/donation/checkout

No war. Дякую.

Watch Your Figure

We’ve got another stellar Wunderkammer creation to go in and around your mouth during the weekend ahead.

Figure 5 is the second of three mixed culture single hop pale ales in a collaboration with Champlain Valley Hops, hopped(and dry-hopped) this time exclusively with Champlain Valley Cascade.

$10.99 | 500mL Bottle

Price does not include VT tax or deposit.

S’More Bernin’ Love

He’s back! Our fresh drop from the Four Quarters crew included one of their most popular creations from last, year, a return of Bernie’s S’mitten Mittens! This milk stout with maple syrup, chocolate chips, cocoa, graham cracker, and marshmallows will have you swooning, or maybe just sitting slightly less grumpily out in the cold.

$16.99 | 4-pk 16oz Cans

Price does not include VT tax or deposit.

High Life Keg Special

We’ve got just what you need to take your party this superlative Sunday to the next level! This week only, 1/2 Kegs(15.5 Gallons) of Miller High Life will be $15 off, down to $87! Tap the champagne of beers and celebrate the most superb owl with your crew. Whether you’re throwing it in your kegerator or are looking for a full setup for your party, we’ve got everything you need to keep the brews flowing.  See our “Kegs!” tab for details about renting taps, tubs, or whatever else you might need for the weekend. E-mail us at info@beveragewarehousevt.com or call (802)655-2620 to reserve your keg before they’re gone!

Price does not include VT tax or keg deposit.

Drink and Be Healed

We’ve got a fresh release from Wunderkammer to soothe you through the cold days and storms ahead.

Asklepian – A mixed culture ale brewed with a large dose of honey in the coolship, then after conditioning in oak, more raw honey was used for bottle conditioning.

500mL | $11.99
1.5L | $53.99

Prices do not include VT tax or deposit.

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