Cue the Orchestra

Look what just dropped in to dwell in our wonderful Wine Cave! The California giants at Opus One have delivered once again with their 2017 vintage, with scores of 96 from Decanter, 95 from James Suckling, and 95 from Robert Parker. Or if you care to try a different representation of their classic Bordeaux style blend, their Overture has the same terroir focus, but with a marriage of multiple vintages to bring a new dimension to the Napa powerhouse. Click the Wine Cave tab up above for details and pricing.

With winter coming on, our vintage release pre-orders have been picking up steam, so stay tuned for exciting updates about all new scintillating selections to be joining the fun in the Wine Cave!

Meet the Makers

We are so excited to announce that this coming Thursday, October 22nd, our friends at Vermont Beer Makers(formerly of Trout River fame) will be holding an outdoor, socially-distanced tasting at the Bevie! Swing on by between 3PM and 6PM and try what they’ve been stirring up down in Springfield!

Find Your Equilibrium

Hazebros, rejoice! The hazy haven of Equilibrium has made a trek from their home in Middletown, NY up to our little corner of the Northeast, bringing some of their soft and hoppy delights to your front door. Supplies are super limited, so be sure to get here quick to get in on this drop of tropical green goodness.

Limit One 4-pack, per Style, per Person

4-Pack Single
 Mass X Acceleration  $22.99    $6.45
 Tomorrow  $17.99    $5.15
 Photon  $17.99    $5.15
 Super Fractal Dank Set $24.99    $7.20
 Super Fractal Cosmos Set $24.99    $7.20
 Mesocyclone  $24.99    $7.20

(Prices do not include tax or deposit)

Redemption Center – Recycling Cans Bottles – Schedule and Need to Know

Hey everyone!

Please remember that our redemption center needs to close on time.

We put a chain up at the end of the building 30-45 minutes before we close depending on load size of cars already in the back drive up area, so that our staff can have time to finish the line and clean.

If the line is beyond where the chain goes up, you will need to come back another time.

Please plan accordingly.

Our staff is working incredibly hard since other redemption centers are currently closed and our lines are longer than usual…. we will be respecting their need to leave at the right time… <3

– Jen


Redemption Center Hours – Different Than Retail Store Hours

Redemption Center Schedule – Open 6 Days

  • Sunday | CLOSED
  • Monday | 10a-5:30p
  • Tuesday | 10a-5:30p
  • Wednesday | 10a-5:30p
  • Thursday | 10a-5:30p
  • Friday | 10a-5:30p
  • Saturday | 10a-4:30p


Retail Store Schedule – Open 7 Days

*** Face Covering Required Inside 🙂 ***

  • Sunday | 11a-6p
  • Monday | 10a-9p
  • Tuesday | 10a-9p
  • Wednesday | 10a-9p
  • Thursday | 10a-9p
  • Friday | 10a-9p
  • Saturday | 10a-9p

Zero Gravity Frankie – Ale with Fruit

Your next summer crush is here – Frankie!

Our friends at Zero Gravity forged a bright, refreshing, spritzy ale with tart cherry, red pomelo, and calamansi.

If that didn’t entice you to grab a hold of some, you can claim a reusable bag (you always need another one 🙂 ) or a handkerchief (both while supplies last) and enter to win a swanky cooler!


  • ABV:  5.1%
  • IBU’s:  14
  • MALT:  Pale Ale, Pilsner, Rolled Oats, Malted Wheat
  • HOPS:  Citra, Motuere
  • YEAST:  House Lager
  • OG:  10.5°P
  • FRUIT:  Tart Cherry, Red Pomelo, Calamansi
  • FORMAT:  4pk 16oz Cans
  • PRICE:  $9.99 (plus tax/deposit)