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Hooker Mountain Distillery Spirits | Vermont CSA

~ Lovely Road, Cabot, Vermont ~

Hooker Mountain Farm Distillery at the Beverage Warehouse, Winooski, VT

We are delighted to announce the arrival of new Hooker Mountain Distillery Farm Spirits!

Whether you need a new libation for crafty cocktails, a unique VT made holiday gift, or scrumptious spirit to enjoy, we invite you to dive into the delicious world of Hooker Mountain Farm!

All Hooker Mountain Farm spirits are distilled and bottled at the Randolph family’s sixty-six acre farm in Cabot, Vermont.

“We stand for what we stand on.”

– Wendell Berry

Hooker Mountain Farm Distillery CSA | Beverage Warehouse VT

Current Beverage Warehouse Offerings:

  • Woke Milk & Coffee Liqueur – Made with beans from Pam & Jim Frohn of Mari Juliza Coffee Co., Newport, VT.  Rum with pasture-fed milk, coffee, and VT maple syrup. 18.5% ABV | $24.99 750ml
  • Poor Farm New England Style Rum – A New England style run from the heart of Vermont.  40% ABV | $22.99 750ml
  • Spruce Forest & Garden Gin Style Spirit – Dry forest spirit made with fresh spruce tips.  40% ABV | $34.99 750ml / $24.99 375ml
  • Spirited Cider Apple Cider Cordial – Rum with sweet apple cider.  20% ABV | $26.99 750ml

(prices do not include tax/deposit)

Read more about the Hooker Mountain CSA Farm at:

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Tasting & Custom Engraved Bottle Event | FRI 06/15 6-8PM

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Tasting & Custom Engraved Bottle Event | FRI 06/15 6-8PM

Give the stunning gift of a custom engraved Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch!

Just in time for Father’s Day, this is a great opportunity to ‘wow’ your pop, or plan ahead for the holidays, birthdays, retirement, or have it customized for your personal stash.

Don’t miss out on this chance to have an incredible gift to make someone smile for years to come.