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Champlain Orchards Vermont Cider Tasting | FRI 5/11 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Champlain Orchards Cider Tasting at Beverage Warehouse VT

Try the line up from Champlain Orchards VT!

– Hard Cider
– Mac & Maple Cider
– Cranberry Cider
– Pruner’s Pride
– Honeycrisp – NEW in cans!!


We produce a variety of ciders – from everyday drinking ciders, to our rotating seasonal releases, to our single-varietal Estate Series, and are excited by new ideas and creativity when it comes to our recipes. With a nod to the early days of the cider scene and an appreciation for innovation and creativity, we take traditional hard ciders and put our own modern Vermont spin on them.


Tin Hat Cider – Free Tasting of Local Cider | Friday, May 4 | 3:30-6:30

There are some tasty ciders coming out of Roxbury Vermont these days! If you haven’t had a chance to try Tin Hat Cider, drop by the Beverage Warehouse on Friday May 4 from 3:30 – 6:30 for a sample of Teddy Weber’s traditional farmhouse ciders.

Cidermaker Teddy uses applied organic and permaculture techniques on his 25-acre heritage orchard, respecting the land and cultivating good soil and biodiversity. His goal is to find ways to work with nature, not oppress it, and focus on making cider in the orchard more than in the cellar.

Teddy himself will be on hand to answer your questions about cider, and to share these delicious bottles:

  • Fipenny Bit Dry Cider
  • Farmhouse Dry Cider
  • Old Pomme Traditional Dry Cider

Tin Hat Cider Tasting at the Beverage Warehouse

Stowe Cider | Touch of Grape Hard Cider with Lincoln Peak | Pippin Ain’t Easy

We are delighted to announce 3 new ciders from our friends over at Stowe Cider!

Stowe Cider & Lincoln Peak Vineyard | Touch of Grape | Marquette | $13.99/4pk 12oz cans | 7.5% ABV | Vermont maker collaboration! Hard cider co-fermented with red wine pomace.

Stowe Cider & Lincoln Peak Vineyard | Touch of Grape | La Crescent | $13.99/4pk 12oz cans | 7.5% ABV | Vermont maker collaboration! Hard cider co-fermented with white wine pomace.

Stowe Cider | Pippin Ain’t Easy | Pippin Cider | $8.99/500ml | 6.7% ABV | Pippin Ain’t Easy is a unique and diverse cider that pays homage to two varieties of pippin apples and finished with the wonderful Ahmead’s Kernel.  This is a serious cider for not so serious people.


”Every silver lining’s got a touch of…grape?” Well, those might not be the exact Grateful Dead lyrics, but they will give you a hint as to what our newest ciders are all about! When our friends over at Zenbarn were looking for a speciality keg to feature at their Wednesday night music series with Zach Nugent’s Acoustic Dead Duo an idea was sparked and our newest ciders, A Touch of Grape, (inspired by the song Touch of Grey) were born.