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Broken Shed New Zealand Vodka: Free Tasting | Fri 3/15 3-5p

Have you had vodka from New Zealand!? It’s new in Vermont and worth a try! On Friday March 15, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm, you can taste it for free at the Beverage Warehouse.

Broken Shed Vodka is crafted from a blend of two of New Zealand’s purest waters with natural protein whey that is distilled three times. It’s free from gluten, free from GMOs, free from additives and added sugars!


We’re proud to carry a large selection of sake for our discerning customers, and wanted to provide a snapshot of our current selection as of today (March 10, 2019). 

PLEASE NOTE: The list of sake we can get changes frequently and we often add to our selection! If you’re interested in any of the sakes below or in one you don’t see listed, call us at 802-655-2620 or email to check the current stock status and/or see if there’s a chance we can order what you’re looking for. Kanpai!

  • Awashizuku Sparkling | 300 mL | $9.99
  • Fukocho “Moon on the Water” Junmai | 720 mL | $39.99
  • Fukocho Hitachino | 300 mL | $17.99
  • Gekkeikan | 1.5 L | $13.99 (on sale, regular $14.99)
  • Gekkeikan | 750 mL | $6.99 (on sale, regular $7.99)
  • Gekkeikan Black & Gold | 750 mL | $15.99
  • Gekkeikan Cap Ace | 180 mL | $3.99
  • Gekkeikan Haiku | 300 mL | $7.99
  • Ginkoubai Hannya Tou Plum (Sweet & Spicy) | 150 mL | $13.99
  • Hakushika Tanuki | 900 mL | $13.99
  • Hakushika’s Japanese Orchard White Peach | 720 mL | $14.99
  • Hana Awaka Sparkling Flower | 250 mL | $10.99
  • Hideyoshi Futsuushu LaChamte with Yuzu | 500 mL | $28.99
  • Ichishima Tokubetsu Honjozo | 300 mL | $8.99 (on sale – regular $20.99!)
  • Kiku-Masamune Junmai Taru | 300 mL | $14.99
  • Kiku-Masamune Kimoto Junmai | 1.8 L | $31.99
  • Kikusui Junmai Ginjo | 300 mL | $13.99
  • Kira Honjozo | 720 mL | $26.99
  • Kuromatsu-Hakushika Snow Beauty Nigori | 300 mL | $7.99
  • Kuromatsu-Hakushika Snow Beauty Nigori | 720 mL | $27.99
  • Miyozakura Junmai | 180 mL | $6.99
  • Momo Kawa Diamond Medium Dry | 750 mL | $13.99
  • Momo Kawa Pearl Nigori | 750 mL | $13.99
  • Momo Kawa Silver Dry Crisp | 750 mL | $13.99
  • Mutsu Otokoyama | 180 mL | $6.99
  • Nagarawa Sparkling Nigori | 300 mL | $12.99
  • Namacho Honjozo | 300 mL | $11.99
  • Ohmine Junmai | 100 mL | $7.99
  • Ozeki “Karatamba” Dry Ware Style | 1.8 L | $39.99
  • Ozeki “Rai” Junmai | 300 mL | $8.99
  • Ozeki Nigori | 375 mL | $5.99 (currently 1 bottle in stock)
  • Rihaku | Dreamy Clouds Nigori | 300 mL | $13.99
  • Rihaku | Dreamy Clouds Nigori | 720 mL | $30.99
  • Rihaku “Wandering Poet” Junmai Ginjo | 300 mL | $14.99
  • Shirakabe Gura Tokubetsu Junmai | 300 mL | $12.99
  • Shirakabe Gura Tukubetsu Junmai | 720 mL | $27.99
  • Sho Chiku Bai Nama Organic | 300 mL | $7.99
  • Sho Chiku Bai Takara Junmai | 750 mL | $6.99
  • Sho Chiku Bai Takara Nigori | 375 mL | $5.99
  • Suigei Drunken Whale | 300 mL | $16.99
  • Tokubetsu Yamadnishiki Junmai | 1.8 L | $30.99
  • Tozai Living Jewel Junmai | 300 mL | $9.99
  • Tozai Living Jewel Junmai | 720 mL | $15.99
  • Tozai Snow Maiden Junmai Nigori | 300 mL | $9.99
  • Tozai Snow Maiden Junmai Nigori | 720 mL | $15.99
  • Tozai Typhoon Futsu-Shu | 720 mL | $12.99

In addition, we carry all of the Plum and Yuzu wines we can get. We currently have:  

  • Choya Umeshu Plum Wine | 750 mL | $18.99
  • Gekkeikan Plum Wine | 750 mL | $13.99
  • Kikkoman Plum Wine | 750 mL | $8.99
  • Kiuchi Ume Plum Wine | 500 mL | $20.99
  • Kiuchi Yuzu Wine | 500 mL | $14.99
Sake available at the Beverage Warehouse in Vermont
The current selection of sake at the Beverage Warehouse in Vermont. We have the best selection in the state!

Brockmans Gin Tasting | 4:00 – 6:00 PM Fri 03/07

Brockmans Premium Gin tasting at the Beverage Warehouse


Brockmans aromatic botanicals are steeped in pure grain spirit for many hours to release their natural oils and aromas. The more traditional notes of gin are combined with a refreshing influence of citrus and aromatic wild berries. Bulgarian coriander plays its part, providing an aromatic, gingery orange top note. This blends perfectly with the soft and rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries, all of which is supported by the bottom note of Tuscan juniper berries. Dry, bittersweet Valencian orange peel elongates the deeper tones and gives an intensely smooth finish.

Brockmans Gin is then slowly distilled in a 100 year old traditional copper still, where the heart of the gin distillation is captured. 

Drop by the Beverage Warehouse on Friday, March 8th from 4:00 – 6:00 pm to try this beautiful English gin for free!

Find cocktail recipes and more at

Hooker Mountain CSA Farm & Vermont Distillery Tasting | 3:00 – 5:00 pm Sat 03/02

Come and try the delicious world of Hooker Mountain Farm at today’s free tasting!

All Hooker Mountain Farm spirits are distilled and bottled at the Randolph family’s sixty-six acre farm in Cabot, Vermont. From 3:00 – 5:00 pm on Saturday, March 2, the Hooker Mountain crew will be on hand to tell you about their farm-to-glass, sustainable approach to distilling in the Green Mountain State.

Sample any of the current Hooker Mountain libations available at the Beverage Warehouse:

  • Woke Milk & Coffee Liqueur – Made with beans from Pam & Jim Frohn of Mari Juliza Coffee Co., Newport, VT.  Rum with pasture-fed milk, coffee, and VT maple syrup. 18.5% ABV | $24.99 750ml
  • Poor Farm New England Style Rum – A New England style run from the heart of Vermont.  40% ABV | $22.99 750ml
  • Spruce Forest & Garden Gin Style Spirit – Dry forest spirit made with fresh spruce tips.  40% ABV | $34.99 750ml / $24.99 375ml
  • Spirited Cider Apple Cider Cordial – Rum with sweet apple cider. 20% ABV | $26.99 750ml

(prices do not include tax/deposit)

Read more about the Hooker Mountain CSA Farm at:

Wines We’re Drinking: Madloba

Skin contact can be a magical thing. Especially when it comes to a particular wine made in the most natural of ancient methods, in a tiny corner of France. That wine is MADLOBA, and it’s what we’re drinking this week.

Domaine des Miquettes | Madloba | $50.99

Let’s get one thing clear. Madloba could be called an orange, an amber, or a skin-contact wine. Yeah ok, I know – that doesn’t seem all that clear! The wine is *literally* a little hazy…and it’s in a category that seems to defy definition.

This beautiful golden liquid from Domaine des Miquettes is made from the white grape varietals Marsanne and Viognier. The deep copper color comes from the grape skins and seeds, which are left in contact with the pressed juice for an extended time (6 months!). The fermented juice is then aged a further 6 months in clay amphorae buried in the cool ground. This ancient winemaking technique produces a liquid gold with the texture, body and tannin of a light red wine plus the fruit and minerality of a white wine. Stylistically unique, with a savory, richly textured mouthfeel, this is a special bottle worth trying – especially if you’re new to skin-contact wines.

The name “Madloba” is Georgian, and it means “thanks”. If your New Year’s resolution is to expand your wine knowledge, or just to try new things, check this one out! You’ll thank yourself.

Madloba - Domaine des Miquettes Orange Wine
Photo by Paul Varricchione @varricc

In the glass, Madloba catches the light and glints like pennies; like the last rays of sunlight angling across a shadowed beach. It smells like an escape to a warm summer afternoon in a Mediterranean grove. You’re surrounded by nectarines, yellow plums, apricots and oranges, plus swirls of ginger, quince and almond blossom. The first sip startles your palate, flooding your tongue with tart orange pith, snapping your head up with snappy acidity that’s like a plunge into a cold pool after a sauna, leaving a lingering texture of fine chalk baked in the sun. As the wine warms slightly, the scent takes me back to early mornings in my mom’s garden, when I would wander through the flowers and stick my nose deep into the glowing orange-throated yellow “Charles Darwin” old English roses.

My husband, who is very particular about the wines he likes, couldn’t stop drinking this stuff. It’s a treat, but oh man…what a treat!

Terracotta amphorae at Domaine des Miquettes, These are tinajas, imported from Spain, but they are buried in the Georgian-style in a sand-filled pit near the domaine (image credit:

Domaine des Miquettes was created by Paul Estève and Chrystelle Vareille in 2003 in Cheminas, a small village located on a high plateau in the northern Rhône. Paul and Chrystelle took over the farm from Paul’s family and turned one of the small farm buildings into a cramped and low-tech wine-making facility.  In total, the domaine consists of five hectares.

At an altitude of around 350 meters, the vineyards are planted on a steep hillside with soils of granite mixed with mica & schist and an east/southeast exposure. Both of the Domaine des Miquettes vineyards are certified as organic farms. The vineyard rows are worked throughout the year with either a tractor or horse drawn plough, which is used on the more difficult terrains.

All harvesting is done by hand and the fermentations occur with natural yeasts and little or no temperature adjustments. All of the wines are made sans soufre – without the addition of sulfur.

During a visit to the republic of Georgia years ago, Paul and Chrystelle were inspired to make wine in the ancient tradition, using clay amphorae buried in the earth. They built a “chai” dedicated to these buried clay jars, and use them for the vinification and maturation of the red and orange wines they call Madloba.

Oh! And the fun label? That comes from a trip to Georgia as well, when Paul got INTO an amphorae and had to be pulled out. He and Chrystelle have truly immersed themselves in making this style of wine, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to try their wine here in frozen Vermont this winter. If you come into the Bevie, ask for Kate or Jason and we’ll direct you to this orange gem!

Cheers & happy imbibing,                                                                                                                                     Kate

Read more about Domaine des Miquettes.

Learn more about skin-contact wines

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