Miraval Rose 6 LTR – The ONLY One in VT!

It’s not everyday we receive a 6 LTR bottle of wine, today is that day… just in time for the holiday celebrations!

Easy drinking, delightful, and ever so fun, Miraval Rosé is a delight available in a variety of sizes and prices:


  • 375ml | $14.99

  • 750ml | $24.99

  • 1.5ltr | $44.99

  • 6ltr | $149.99

ONLY ONE 6ltr bottle of Miraval Rosé exists in VT and we have it so when it is gone, it is gone.


 From miraval-provence.com:

APPELLATION:  A.O.P Côtes de Provence

VARIETAL:  Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Rolle

TERROIR:  Issued from the Château’s best parcels (Muriers, Longue,
Romarin), and from selected parcels in the best terroirs of
Provence. Clay & Limestone vineyard, partially in teraces located
at an average of 350 meters. Cool climate for the area with
big temperature swings between night and day.

VINIFICATION:  The grapes are harvested exclusively in the morning and sorted twice. Destemming. ‘Pressurage direct’ for
Cinsault, Grenache and Rolle. The Syrah is vinified
partially using the «saignee» method. Vinified in
temperature – controlled stainless steel vats (95%)
and in barrels (5%) with batonnage.


Gorgeous pale pink color with soft and shiny
reflections.  This Crisp and precise 2015 has a lovely mineral
freshness with delicate aromas of citrus, red fruits
and white flowers.   On the palate the terroir reveals a pretty balanced and elegant volume along with a very nice tension
bringing length. The bouquet of aromas is persistent leading to
a long lasting fruity finish with an undertone salty


Bottle size list below from thewinecellarinsider.com, check out their guide!

This is a list of the most frequently used wine bottle sizes and an explanation of each size and shape:

  • Quarter Bottle: 187ml Also known as Piccolo. (1/4 bottle) 1 glass of wine
  • Half Bottle, Demi or Split: 375ml (1/2 bottle) 2 glasses of wine
  • Standard: 750ml, 25.4 oz – The most popular sized wine bottle offers 4 to 6 glasses of wine
  • Magnum: 1.5 Liters (2 bottles)
  • Jeroboam or Double Magnum: 3 Liters (4 bottles)
  • Rehoboam: 4.5 Liters (6 bottles)
  • Bordeaux Jeroboam: 5 Liters (6.75 bottles)
  • Imperial: 6 Liters (8 bottles)
  • Methuselah: 6 Liters (8 bottles)
  • Salmanzar: 9 Liters (12 bottles)
  • Balthazar: 12 Liters (16 bottles)
  • Nebuchanezzar: 15 Liters (20 bottles)
  • Melchoir: 18 Liters (24 bottles)
  • Solomon: 20 Liters (26 bottles)
  • Sovereign: 25 Liters (33.3 bottles)
  • Primat or Goliath: 27 Liters (36 bottles)
  • Melchizedek: 30 Liters (40 bottles)