Thanksgiving 2016 | Releases | Retail Hours | Redemption Hours

Thanksgiving week is here and we know many of you are getting requests to bring hoppy VT-ness back with you to family and friends!



We have scheduled holiday releases in addition to random Heady Topper and Sip of Sunshine drops… here is our plan:

2p Tuesday:

  • Heady Topper normal release.  At least the first 5 people in line will get a case, probably more people will get a case.  It will then be broken down to half cases, two 4 packs, then a single 4 pack. Everyone who is here on time will get Heady Topper!  If you are here on time, you will at least get a 4 pack.  If you come late and don’t get counted, you might miss out.
  • Sip of Sunshine holiday bonus drop.  One 4pk per person while it lasts.

8p Wednesday:

  • Alchemist Heady Topper – Normal 8p Wednesday release.  At least one 4pk per person, maybe more depending on how many people are here.

Friday – Lawson’s Apple Brandy Fayston Maple Stout | Sip of Sunshine | Bourbon County Brand Stout

  • Lawson’s Release – whenever the truck arrives.  There will be a post on the front page of our website for the 11/25 & 11/26 days.  Because of Thanksgiving, we do not know when the truck will arrive.  It might be before noon, it might be mid to late afternoon. Our website will be updated when the truck arrives, when it is out for sale, and when it sells out.  Rest assured that we want you to have beer and that we will get it out for sale ASAP.
  • 12p Black Friday Release 1 per person while supplies last of:
    • 2016 Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout – no variants – sold out
    • Evil Twin Michigan Maple Jesus – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ Maple Syrup – SUPER LIMITED – sold out
    • North Coast Barrel Rye Barrel Aged Old Rasputin XVIII
    • North Coast Barrel Rye Bourbon Aged Old Rasputin XIX
    • Almanac Barbary Coast Flavored Stout
    • Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin Barrel Aged Stout – sold out
    • Casita Cerveceria Querido Y Perdido (Love And Lost) Imperial Stout with cocoa nibs, vanilla, cinnamon and chili peppers. SUPER LIMITED – sold out


10a Saturday –

  • Heady Topper normal release.  How many people get a case depends on how many people in line.  It will then be broken down to half cases, two 4 packs, then a single 4 pack so everyone will get Heady Topper.  If you are here on time, you will at least get a 4 pack.  If you come a minute late and don’t get counted, you will probably miss out.
  • Lawson’s – Super Session as usual, 1pk of Sip of Sunshine while it lasts.   A bottle of Apple Brandy Fayston Maple to at least the first 36 people in line… might be more!

Thanksgiving Week Holiday Hours:

  • Sun  11a-6p
  • Mon  10a-9p
  • Tue  10a-9p
  • Wed  10a-9p
  • Thu  CLOSED
  • Fri  10a-8p  /  Redemption  10a-3p
  • Sat   10a-8p  /  Redemption  10a-4:45p